The perfect spring porch


What’s your season? Some of us live for summer. Others can’t resist the twinkle of holiday lights and are easily won over by winter. I’m a fall girl myself but if I had to pick a runner-up, it would most assuredly be spring. This year has me especially smitten because after a year of living out of boxes I’m finally home. We have green grass and tall trees and when we walk outside it smells like live things. It’s downright dreamy. Spring was beautiful in our desert Arizona home, too, but I’m partial to it here in Alabama.

Our new home welcomes guests onto a herringbone brick patio. It’s not especially huge, but it creates the perfect backdrop for celebrating so cheery–and so alive–a season. I’ve already had some fun adorning it with what I consider the perfect, welcoming touches. One of my favorite additions was my cheapie rain boots. I upgraded recently but opted to hang on to my cute gray slickers for use on the front porch. I slipped a few faux sprigs into each one and have them nestled next to a weathered old wooden chair I found when Jeff and I were out junkin’ a few weeks ago. They add a whimsical, unexpected touch that seems especially fitting for the season.

How’s your spring porch coming along? If you need a bit of inspiration in that department then this post is for you. I teamed up with Wayfair to bring you some ridiculously cute spring-inspired decorating ideas. These finds come together to create a welcoming outdoor space. 

I hope to check back in soon with some photos of what my perfect front porch looks like all decked out for spring. Until then, do yourselves a favor and pick a little something up from Wayfair for your porch!


Color of a dream

His fingers inch across the space between until they find the small of my back. Like playing keys on a piano he presses and soothes–muscles stiff from sleep. Hazy gray light is heavy in our bedroom, and after nearly two months spent waiting for the window coverings to arrive, we’re thankful for the lingering dark on so lazy a Saturday morning. It’s the color of a dream in here, he says, in his scratchy, first-morning … Continue reading Color of a dream


First peek at the new house

Wow. What a month it has been. There’s nothing quite like a cross-country relocation and the subsequent settling into a new home to remind one of one’s age. Thirty-eight isn’t old but it feels that way when it wakes up after three long days of hauling boxes and furniture up and down three flights of stairs. There were a good few mornings there on which I woke up and could have sworn I’d been run … Continue reading First peek at the new house

On the road to our sweet Alabama home

Last Saturday morning we piled the kids into the minivan and pulled out of Tucson to head east. During our five days in the car we crossed through a total of six states. We covered over 1600 miles. We ate more than our fair share of restaurant meals and road snacks. We sang countless choruses of Paul Simon songs. We passed mile after mile on Interstates 10, 20, 30 and 40. In Little Rock, we … Continue reading On the road to our sweet Alabama home

DIY Rustic winter pallet sign

DIY | Rustic winter wooden pallet sign

This post is sponsored by Wayfair. All opinions are my own. Last week we were in Huntsville to check the new home construction progress. During our stay, much of the Tennessee valley received the most beautiful blanket of snow. It was unfortunate timing for us seeing as how it occurred on our travel day and we were left with no choice but to drive two hours through the ice and snow. Believe me when I … Continue reading DIY | Rustic winter wooden pallet sign

Farmhouse-style great room ideas and inspiration

Farmhouse-style great room inspiration and ideas

We just returned from another trip to Huntsville during which we got to see the construction progress on our home there. This was an exciting visit for me because several of the design aspects I was most looking forward to seeing had been installed. For starters, the lights are up! Here are a few of my favorites. This is a hallway off the kitchen. The doorways you see lead to the utility room, pantry, mudroom … Continue reading Farmhouse-style great room inspiration and ideas

Farmhouse kitchen inspiration and ideas

Farmhouse kitchen inspiration and ideas

Progress on our house in Alabama has finally started to gain some momentum. It’s so fun to get texted photos from our real estate agent. Each new round of pictures show a ton of changes! Our cabinetry went in last week. With its addition, I really feel like it’s starting to look like an actual house instead of a construction site. Take a look with me. This one shows the wall of cabinets where the … Continue reading Farmhouse kitchen inspiration and ideas

Farmhouse style dining room ideas and inspiration

Farmhouse style dining room ideas and inspiration

Remember how–last year–I said that we were moving to Alabama? Well, here it is 2016 and we haven’t gone anywhere yet. It’s not that we are dragging our feet on the move; we most certainly are not! The problem is that the builder is not making as much headway on our new construction home as we’d have liked. Originally they gave us a completion date of late December. When October rolled around and they hadn’t … Continue reading Farmhouse style dining room ideas and inspiration

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