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Last week we were in Huntsville to check the new home construction progress. During our stay, much of the Tennessee valley received the most beautiful blanket of snow. It was unfortunate timing for us seeing as how it occurred on our travel day and we were left with no choice but to drive two hours through the ice and snow. Believe me when I tell you that my children would much rather have been playing in it than watching it fall outside the car window. Poor deprived little Arizona desert kids. Those of you in other parts of the country have probably already experienced your fair share of snow days, but I suspect old man winter isn’t through yet. If you’ve had your fill of hot cocoa and hearty soups and you’re looking for a way to pass the time on the next snow day, might I suggest DIY’ing a rustic winter pallet sign?

DIY Rustic winter pallet sign

How cute is this project? Creating it lifted my spirits so much. I’ve been admittedly down and not feeling the least bit domestic lately all because I’m sick. and. tired. of living in transition. Ever since we decided to put our house on the market last February in preparation for our move, we’ve been living out of boxes. Almost all of my cute decor is stashed away and I’ve grown weary of looking at the same old boring white walls. Enter: this amazingly simple DIY sign project.

DIY Rustic winter pallet sign

It began when Wayfair contacted me and asked if I had any crafty ideas to turn an ordinary snow day into a spectacular snow day. Given that we live in the desert, snow days are few and far between, but I can relate to the feeling of restlessness that I imagine might go hand in hand with being confined by winter weather. And so I dreamed up this super easy rustic winter pallet sign to add a bit of festivity to the snowy season. Better yet? This sign is as cheap to make as it is easy.

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