Name tag knockoff :: fish extender gift idea

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I recently received an email from a reader who wanted to know how I made the name tag magnets for our Disney cruise vacations.  It was SO EASY.  Seriously.  All I had to do was bat my eyelashes at my handsome husband and he whipped them right up for me.  What?  Doesn’t everybody have a resident techie?  No?  Well then, I guess it’s a good thing that today I’m posting a free, customizable printable download so that you, too, can create Cast Member name tag knockoff magnets for your next Disney cruise.  There are four simple steps.

  1. Download the template for our Cast Member name tag knockoff magnets.
  2. Open the file in Word and replace YOUR NAME HERE and YOUR CITY, STATE HERE with, uh, your name, city and state.
  3. Print on magnet paper (which can be purchased at office supply stores or in bulk online).
  4. Cut it out and slap it up on your door.

Easy peasy, right?

These make great fish extender gifts, too.  Simply print one for each of the members in your fish extender group and package them in a cellophane bag tied with red, yellow and black (Mickey colors!) ribbon.  You’ll make friends for life :)

22 thoughts on “Name tag knockoff :: fish extender gift idea”

  1. THANK YOU for sharing! All too often people are out to make a buck and I truly appreciate that you put this out there for everyone to use. Dec. 2015 on The Dream!

  2. Thank you very much I am using these for our names on our fish extender and then shrinking them to use as our FE gift tags…really appreciate them.

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