Birthday cake margaritas

Birthday cake margaritas? Um, yes please.

In honor of my firstborn daughter’s 21st birthday, I’m sharing a very special cocktail that you are definitely going to want to make the next time someone you love adds another candle to the birthday cake. This, my friends, is the ultimate in celebratory margaritas. Made using boxed cake mix, our birthday cake margarita is not too sweet but definitely allows a cake-y flavor to take center stage. Rimmed with powdered sugar icing and sprinkles, … Continue reading Birthday cake margaritas

Rosemary beet margarita

Rosemary beet margarita -- SO good paired with goat cheese!

Sometimes I wish there was a tiny drummer man that lived within your screen and–on cue–he’d play a drumroll. If such a little drummer man did indeed exist, now is one of the times I’d cue him. Because if ever there was a margarita worthy of a drumroll, this one would be. Jeff and I are so proud of it. Ladies and gentlemen, I present February’s margarita of the month: the rosemary beet. This was a true … Continue reading Rosemary beet margarita

Vanilla almond margarita

Vanilla almond margarita | Such the Spot

Hi, friends! I’m super excited because it’s Margarita of the Month day here on the Spot! Just in case there was any doubt as to my excitement level I think the overuse of exclamation points in those first two sentences conveys my mood. :) I’ll do my best to curtail that from here on out. Are you curious about this month’s flavor? I can assure you that it has been strictly scrutinized and duly tested (it’s … Continue reading Vanilla almond margarita

Cranberry clove sparkling margarita

Ah, December. Sparkling lights, brown-paper packages and tall margaritas served ice cold. What? Is that not a part of your holiday tradition? Just me? Perhaps, but once you try this festive cranberry clove sparkling margarita I suspect you might have a new holiday tradition. Seriously, just look at this gorgeous cocktail! And just you try to tell me that it doesn’t exude The Merry. It totally does. This particular margarita is both tart and sweet … Continue reading Cranberry clove sparkling margarita

Autumn spiced pear & vanilla bean margarita

Autumn spiced pear & vanilla bean margarita | Such the Spot

I teased this recipe on the Such the Spot Facebook page over the weekend and it took everything I had to wait until today to post it. You guys, this recipe is a must try. The idea was born a few weeks ago when my handsome husband and I stopped for lunch at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants. The server came by and offered their margarita of the month–autumn pear–and I was tempted. I … Continue reading Autumn spiced pear & vanilla bean margarita

Horchata margarita

Horchata margarita | Such the Spot

Okay, friends.  Who hasn’t tried horchata yet?  I first tried it when my dad bought us a bottle for Christmas last year and I was hooked.  It quickly became the go to drink Jeff and I shared while we were eating homemade popcorn and watching the Arizona Cardinals games.  The liqueur we were gifted and the others I’ve seen since are rum-based, not to mention insanely easy to drink on ice straight from the bottle.  … Continue reading Horchata margarita

Cotton candy margaritas

Cotton candy margarita recipe |

The fair recently passed through town.  Confession: we’ve lived here for nine + years and still we’ve never once visited the fair.  Confession #2: I don’t think we’re missing much.  In any case, we couldn’t very well let the fair pass through town without commemorating the event in one way or another, right?  Of course not.  So we did what any Arizonans would do and we made themed margaritas.  Cotton candy-themed margaritas, to be exact. … Continue reading Cotton candy margaritas

Kumquat mojitos

Funny story: a few weeks ago, one of my friends posted this to my Facebook wall. That right there is a Jeff Foxworthy joke in the making, don’t you agree?  Apparently, though, it didn’t faze me because guess who is back today with another cocktail recipe.  This time, the resident bartender is serving up kumquat mojitos.  They were quite refreshing.  Be careful, though, they sneak up on you! Kumquat mojitos Ingredients7 oz light rum 6 … Continue reading Kumquat mojitos