Passion fruit mojito

You guys remember how much I love passion fruit, right?  When it comes to flavors, there are three that stop me in my tracks: passion fruit, pistachio and truffle.  Of those, passion fruit most definitely wins my heart.  The trouble, of course, is that passion fruits themselves are tiny little buggars.  And at $2 or more a pop, well, ouch.  Last year, after I discovered my passion fruit love, I discovered that Amazon sells passion … Continue reading Passion fruit mojito

Kinky champagne cocktail

Valentine’s Day 2014 may very well be in the books, but if you ask me, there’s always room in life for a sparkly pink drink.  Enter: Kinky champagne cocktail.  Born from my love of all things passion fruit, this little number is both pretty and tasty.  Not only that, but it couldn’t be easier to make.  There is no messy muddling to contend with, no shaking–just pour and enjoy.  The hardest part will likely be … Continue reading Kinky champagne cocktail

pumpkin margarita

I know.  It doesn’t seem like the two flavors would play well together.  But here in southern Arizona, we take pride in our margaritas.  This is no exception. It came about last weekend when I suggested we enjoy a margarita or two while we were watching the Cardinals game.  Never one to turn down a margarita, my husband was easily swayed.  When he asked what flavor I wanted, I was teasing when I said pumpkin … Continue reading pumpkin margarita

Cucumber Mojito

During our recent trip to Seattle, we enjoyed fish and chips at Duke’s Chowder house.  Not only was my meal there delicious, but so, too, was my cocktail.  I was torn between two specialty drinks on the menu: the cucumber mojito and the orange mojito.  I asked our server for his recommendation, and while he admitted that the cucumber mojito was a local favorite, he preferred the orange version of the drink.  I went with … Continue reading Cucumber Mojito

Cara Cara Margaritas

I had intended to make margaritas of the blood orange variety. But then the kind grocer at the Sunflower Market informed me that I’d missed blood orange season by a smidge. Dagnabit. They were, however, still stocking cara cara oranges. So…I compromised. We were looking for a specialty margarita just slightly outside the box of Jeff’s standard house margarita. These fit the bill. The orange juice turned our margaritas a lovely pink’ish color and added … Continue reading Cara Cara Margaritas

Caramel Apple Cocktail

After I posted my Thanksgiving menu, I got an email inbox surge with requests for recipes.  The most requested?  Definitely the caramel apple cocktail.  Hmm.  I wonder what that says about my readers? I went ahead and practiced the technique pre-Thanksgiving.  You know.  For research purposes.  It was strictly business. I’m happy to report that the drink is quite tasty indeed.  While it has a touch of sweetness, it’s not sickeningly so (like Reisling – … Continue reading Caramel Apple Cocktail