Christmas Around The World Showcase

I left off with the fish extenders.  That was pre-trip. Let’s move on, shall we? The first leg of our trip included three nights at Walt Disney World.  This was somewhat of a milestone trip for us, in that it marked the first time we’d ever stayed off-site.  Because Meghan and her husband were rooming in with us, we needed more spacious accommodations that what we could afford on Disney property.  Time constraints prevented me … Continue reading Christmas Around The World Showcase

Trick-Or-Treat Disney Style

If you were to walk into my garage right this very moment, you’d see a purple Rubbermaid box, marked “HALLOWEEN”.  You’d notice that the lid is not secured, and that the spooky contents of the box are overflowing from within–faux black crows and glittery skulls begging to be placed just so inside the house. I’m restraining myself, friends.  The calendar, after all, has yet to be flipped to October.  The least I can do is … Continue reading Trick-Or-Treat Disney Style

Halloween Time at Disneyland

The return to reality after a weekend at Disneyland is tough stuff.  Call me crazy, but something about laundry and homework and the same old boring routine just seems miserably drab when compared to the magic of Halloween Time at Disneyland. Sigh. Believe it or not, this was our family’s very first trip to Disneyland as one unit–though each of us has been there before separately.  Because it was a first (of sorts) for us, … Continue reading Halloween Time at Disneyland

Head ‘Em Up. Move ‘Em Out.

Betcha can’t guess where we’re headed. Destination: Disney.  Second star to the right, and straight on ’till morning. Only this time, destination Disney is much, much closer to home.  That’s because we’re heading to the place where the magic all began: Disneyland! I’ve got our bags packed. Mickey ears? Check. Lanyards full of pins? Check. Disneyfied shirts? Check. Trick or Treat bags? Check. You might be asking yourself what on Earth trick-or-treat bags have to … Continue reading Head ‘Em Up. Move ‘Em Out.

Food & Wine. You Had Me at Merlot.

Ah yes.  The Food and Wine Festival at Epcot.  One of my absolute favorite events evah.  For real. I love all aspects of Walt Disney World.  You know I do.  I love it because I’ve always had just as much fun (if not more) there as my kids do.  I love it because we’ve made a ton of family memories there.  I love it because it is one of the few places where dreams really … Continue reading Food & Wine. You Had Me at Merlot.

WDW 2009 Top Ten

Okay.  So where were we? Oh yeah.  My Disney trip. :) Let’s talk about it some more.  Wanna? I’m not really in the mood for photo editing tonight though.  So I’m going to offer up a list of top ten moments from our trip.  We’ll get back to the pictures later. But for now, the list. 10. Learning to ride a segway at Epcot during the Nature Inspired Design Tour. 9. Watching Ali perform on … Continue reading WDW 2009 Top Ten

On Roughing It (Disney Style)

Each time we go to Walt Disney World we like to try something new, be it a restaurant, new tour, or resort.  We were lucky this trip to be able to do all three.  And since I know you’re dying to know, the new restaurant we tried was Citrico’s and the new tour we did was the Nature Inspired Design one at Epcot.  But today, I wanted to tell you about our experience staying in … Continue reading On Roughing It (Disney Style)