Best Bags for Disney World

So, you’re going to Disney World.  You’ve secured your resort accommodations, purchased your tickets, and made your dining reservations.  Woo hoo!  You’re all set.  Until you realize that you need a handy little bag to carry all your stuff around in.  But what kind of bag is best for park touring? I thought you’d never ask. In shopping for just the right bag, you’re best served by looking for a bag that is both lightweight … Continue reading Best Bags for Disney World

5 Ways To Save at Disney

One of the questions most frequently asked to the Walt Disney World moms panelists is, “How can I save money without sacrificing a good time?” And, while Disney can be a hefty expenditure, so, too, can it be done on a budget. Here are five things you can do to cut your costs: 1. Go value all the way Disney’s resort hotels are categorized as either value, moderate, deluxe or villa.  The least expensive of … Continue reading 5 Ways To Save at Disney


For those of you not in the know, I’m lucky enough to be a part of the Disney World Moms Panel.  I was selected (from 10,000 applicants) to join during the panel’s inaugural year and have been happily spreading virtual pixie dust ever since.  As a panelist, my duties (although it’s really quite a pleasure) are to answer questions from Disney vacationers-to-be who need a little help in the planning department. During the course of … Continue reading WDW FAQ

Days of Disney

Since August, my family has been enjoying a weekly “Day of Disney”.  It’s an annual tradition around these parts in which we feature a Disney film during dinner followed by a different Disney activity.  The activities vary greatly, but in the past some examples have been: Disney parks bingo, Disney trivia, Disney art, a Disney pin draft (a la NFL style). This year, I’ve decided to take our annual family tradition a step further; I’m … Continue reading Days of Disney

10 {Free} Must Sees at Walt Disney World

While it’s true that with Destination Disney can be a costly undertaking, so, too, can it be done economically.  Yes, really.  If you have go in with a budget and stick to it, you’ll find that Walt Disney World–and its plethora of entertainment opportunities–can be had on a dime.  Okay, maybe not a dime.  But doable nonetheless.  Here are some freebies to occupy your time in and out of the parks. *Each of these must … Continue reading 10 {Free} Must Sees at Walt Disney World

10 First Timer Must Sees at Walt Disney World

With the Disney Social Media Moms Conference fast approaching, lots of my friends will soon be en route to my second home: Walt Disney World!  With them in mind, I thought I’d put my expertise to good use, and post a few Disney-centered lists. This particular post was inspired by my friend, Stephanie, who–together with her husband–will be taking their two little girls to Disney World for the very first time.  She asked me what … Continue reading 10 First Timer Must Sees at Walt Disney World

Trick-Or-Treat Disney Style

If you were to walk into my garage right this very moment, you’d see a purple Rubbermaid box, marked “HALLOWEEN”.  You’d notice that the lid is not secured, and that the spooky contents of the box are overflowing from within–faux black crows and glittery skulls begging to be placed just so inside the house. I’m restraining myself, friends.  The calendar, after all, has yet to be flipped to October.  The least I can do is … Continue reading Trick-Or-Treat Disney Style

Not Just Any Shirt Will Do

Remember those Disney shirts we were working on?  Well, it took me awhile to get this post ready because, well, because I’m lazy.  When I finally finished ironing on all those transfers and neatly folding the shirts so as not to crease the transfers the last thing I wanted to do was unfold all of them to take pictures. I had a few spare seconds today though so I snapped a couple of quick photos.  … Continue reading Not Just Any Shirt Will Do