Flying the Friendly Skies

We’ve done it again.  We’ve braved three airports and two flights with four children in tow.  You might be wondering how we do it.  I have but one word for you: carefully. We take up an entire row on an airplane – from one window, across the aisle and all the way over to the window on the other side of the plane.  We’ve discovered that the best seating arrangement is to have all three girls … Continue reading Flying the Friendly Skies

Not Just Any Shirt Will Do

Remember those Disney shirts we were working on?  Well, it took me awhile to get this post ready because, well, because I’m lazy.  When I finally finished ironing on all those transfers and neatly folding the shirts so as not to crease the transfers the last thing I wanted to do was unfold all of them to take pictures. I had a few spare seconds today though so I snapped a couple of quick photos.  … Continue reading Not Just Any Shirt Will Do