“Go Your Own Way” free printable bathroom art

'Go your own way' free printable bathroom art

Something you should know about me: I absolutely adore smart humor. I really do. Last year, we renovated two bathrooms in our house. We¬†replaced the countertops and toilets and spruced things up with fresh paint, lighting fixtures, textiles and art. It was during that project that my Mr. and I were cruising the aisles of Target and he pointed out a piece of wall art that read: You Can Go Your Own Way. I’m guessing … Continue reading “Go Your Own Way” free printable bathroom art

10 easy ways to say I love you in a lunchbox

Confession: one of my least favorite daily tasks is packing school lunches. I suppose if I were to just toss a Lunchable into an insulated bag it would be a lot easier. Oh, but we don’t that way ’round these parts so things get complicated. I will admit that I have more fun when it comes time to pack a special lunch, for holidays. I guess the festivity serves to get me out of my … Continue reading 10 easy ways to say I love you in a lunchbox

DIY Classroom Valentine :: washi tape bookmarks w/printable

Super simple candy-free classroom valentine gift tutorial with a free printable themed tag!

Last week I shared an idea for a super easy classroom valentine gift¬†with a free printable. I’m back today with a second (equally simple) idea for classroom valentine: a washi tape bookmark! Look how cute it is. And so easy, too. Once you get the holes drilled, your child can do this him or herself. Here’s what you’ll need: jumbo popsicle sticks washi tape thin ribbon a drill or hammer & a nail to make … Continue reading DIY Classroom Valentine :: washi tape bookmarks w/printable

Bonfire birthday party ideas

Birthday Bonfire Party Ideas | Such the Spot

Last weekend we threw a party in celebration of Kennedy’s 17th birthday. Of course, she wanted her own space to hang out with her friends and you all know me better than to think I would vacate the house for such an event. Our solution? A birthday bonfire party held in the backyard. Here in Arizona we can do that sort of thing–even in January. In order to pull off a successful event, I thought … Continue reading Bonfire birthday party ideas

DIY Free Printable “berry” glad classmate Valentines

DIY Free Printable "berry" glad classroom Valentines

It’s only a matter of time until your elementary student will be bringing home a list of names for the annual classroom valentine exchange. Are you ready? Sure, you could pick up a bag of conversation hearts from the holiday aisle at Target, but I suspect that the teacher might not be thrilled with the prospect of teaching multiplication to twenty-something sugar-hyped kiddos. I have a better idea for you. Cute, right? The best part, … Continue reading DIY Free Printable “berry” glad classmate Valentines