Project 40 // month two

There are those Dove models–brazen to be shot beneath studio lights from all angles. And then there’s me, accounting for every ounce that changes on the scale. Single, wiry hairs devoid of color are so commonplace now that I’ve stopped keeping track; I pull my hair up and shift a strand here or there to tuck them quietly away. I have fidgety eye skin that poses unforeseen makeup challenges. Crooked toes. Aging hands and unflattering … Continue reading Project 40 // month two

Project 40 // Month One

I turn forty this year. You may or may not regard forty as something to remark over but considering that I refused to call my thirtieth birthday for what it was and instead insisted upon calling it my twenty-ten birthday, forty is something I’m taking notice of. It’s landing on me so very much differently than my thirtieth did, though. Whereas that one came rolling in like the giant stone boulder on Indiana Jones, this … Continue reading Project 40 // Month One


Last night we packed a cold pasta salad and drove down the street, pool noodles and towels in hand. We keyed in, chose a table and spooned dinner onto paper plates. And then we bowed our heads, giving thanks for the food but also for more. Nine months ago things were different. Nine months ago the sky was that eerie green and the heat pressed down, wet. There was just the stir of a wind. … Continue reading Miles

Color of a dream

His fingers inch across the space between until they find the small of my back. Like playing keys on a piano he presses and soothes–muscles stiff from sleep. Hazy gray light is heavy in our bedroom, and after nearly two months spent waiting for the window coverings to arrive, we’re thankful for the lingering dark on so lazy a Saturday morning. It’s the color of a dream in here, he says, in his scratchy, first-morning … Continue reading Color of a dream

Writing Scripture on support beams of new construction

Scripture on support beams of new construction house

Hi, friends! With the Thanksgiving holiday and a replenishing visit with my people under my belt, I’m trying to tiptoe back into normalcy this week, starting with sharing some photos of the new house today–only these pictures might not be what you expect. Jeff and I had the chance to visit Huntsville last month–just the two of us. As you might imagine, visiting our under-construction home was high on our list of priorities while we … Continue reading Writing Scripture on support beams of new construction

The 28 Homes Project

The 28 homes project | Compassion International

One of the most tedious aspects of building a home in one city while residing across the country in another is the decision making. Trust me when I tell you that there are a LOT of decisions that go into building a new home. As the customer and future homeowner, we get to choose things like where we want phone and cable outlets placed. They ask whether our interior doors should have panels or arches … Continue reading The 28 Homes Project

This is 37

This is 37

On the eve of his birthday, I always tell Jayce that I’m going to miss him. I’ve been doing it since he was teensy. I’m going to miss you so much because I’m never going to see my three-year-old snuggly bear again. But I’m excited to meet my four-year-old snuggly bear. This morning–before he left for work–Jeff took a page out of my book when he hugged me goodbye. I’m going to miss my 37-year-old … Continue reading This is 37

Teaching Kids Bible Lessons with a Buddy Box Subscription

Building a child's faith through a monthly subscription box Buddy Box

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Lifetree, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #growkidsfaith My family has a unique way of doing church. We “attend” every Sunday morning in our pajamas from the comfort of our living room. It’s definitely not ideal; we’d rather be in fellowship with a real, live body of believers. Since we have a cross-country relocation right around … Continue reading Teaching Kids Bible Lessons with a Buddy Box Subscription