Giveaway :: Son of God movie tickets (family 4-pack)

As a Compassion blogger, I was provided with complimentary movie tickets to facilitate this post and giveaway.  All opinions are my own. Over the weekend, we loaded up the family and headed to our local theater to see the new Son of God movie.  Snacks in hand, we settled in to enjoy the show and sure enough we did, for the first hour or so anyway.  It was at about that point that the theater’s … Continue reading Giveaway :: Son of God movie tickets (family 4-pack)

My mutiny :: a seven foods for seven days fast

As promised, I’m taking you along with me as I journey through Jen Hatmaker’s 7.  I’ve accomplished my first week–a food fast, and I ‘m back with a Q & A style post to report on how it went.  Please feel free to ask additional questions in the comments. What did your fast look like? Although there are several variations of the fast listed in the book, Jeff and I chose to eat only seven … Continue reading My mutiny :: a seven foods for seven days fast

My mutiny :: a journey through Jen Hatmaker’s 7

This post contains an affiliate link. Two years ago this month I joined a women’s Bible study group that meets on Tuesday nights.  There are usually cookies of one sort or another–sometimes tea.  There is a chance to connect and decompress.  There is laughter and prayer and common ground.  Mostly there is God.  He’s there amongst–woven between and through–that group of women who seek Him. As our meetings wound down at the end of last … Continue reading My mutiny :: a journey through Jen Hatmaker’s 7

Quiet voice

Christian confession: I sometimes get jealous when I hear someone casually mention that God told him or her to do something.  Or not do something.  I am a Christian person, after all, and it’s not every day that I hear God’s voice offering up advice on, well, anything.  That’s not to say that it hasn’t ever happened.  It has.  I can specifically pinpoint four occasions in which I believe that God spoke directly to my … Continue reading Quiet voice

God holes

Admittedly, I live a pretty cush life.  Among my blessings, I count a strong faith foundation, an amazing family, dear friends and financial security.  Those are the rose colored glasses through which I presently view the world.  My days are so full of life and love that I seldom reflect on the despair I know in my head is out there. There come moments, though, that stop me cold.  Like when I learned that the … Continue reading God holes

Where God is

Last Friday, a monster of a human being took aim at an elementary school in Southwestern Connecticut and stole away the lives of twenty-six people, including twenty children.  In the wake of the tragedy, the rest of us are either glued to the news in search of answers or we purposefully avoid it, in an effort to insulate ourselves from an event that has already bled so deep into us we may never be able … Continue reading Where God is