Giveaway :: The Little Mermaid Diamond Edition Blu-ray + DVD Combo Pack

Last Friday night, Torri (who, for the record is nineteen) announced that she planned to watch a movie with a friend and then spend the night over at the friend’s house.  The movie feature for the evening?  The Little Mermaid.  I can just picture the two of them gathered around the TV, eating popcorn and singing along to “Kiss the Girl”.  I can only speak for myself here, but I for one find it incredibly … Continue reading Giveaway :: The Little Mermaid Diamond Edition Blu-ray + DVD Combo Pack

My new shelves {and a Red Letter Words giveaway}.

**Edited to add that Erin is the giveaway winner.  Congratulations!* For the past six weeks, Jeff and I have been super busy with a major redecorating project.  Normally, redecorating projects fall squarely on my shoulders, but this one required at least three major building components and so I recruited help from my handsome husband.  I am doing a big unveil of the new spaces within the next few days, but today, I wanted to give … Continue reading My new shelves {and a Red Letter Words giveaway}.

smashburger: a giveaway

Brace yourselves, better burger lovers: a new fast-casual restaurant has opened in Tucson.  But before all the vegheads among you go turning your noses up, let me assure you that  Smashburger smashes more than just beef; they offer a whole slew of chicken sandwiches, salads, sides and even a black bean veggie burger.  I was recently invited to sample some menu items and I can tell you that Smashburger has been added to my list … Continue reading smashburger: a giveaway

Disney Pixar’s BRAVE: a giveaway

Over the course of her life, my daughter, Kennedy, has had many an encounter with the Disney princesses.  Whether we were dining with them at Cinderella’s Royal Table in Magic Kingdom, or meeting and greeting in the Rose Garden, they’ve always delivered variations of the same comment: “Oh my, you remind me of my friend, Ariel!”  Kennedy, you see, has hair as red as fire and–until recently–Ariel was the only princess to whom she could … Continue reading Disney Pixar’s BRAVE: a giveaway

Rubio’s {a giveaway}

**CONGRATULATIONS TO KAR, FOR WINNING THE GIVEAWAY!**   One of the best perks of Jeff’s job (besides his actual income, I mean) is that he gets every other Friday off.  It’s awesome for me because I do the grocery shopping on Fridays and so twice each month I have a handy helper to load all those perishables into the cooler.  It’s awesome for him, too, because as a reward for all his hard work he … Continue reading Rubio’s {a giveaway}

wedding cake {a giveaway}

**Congratulations to Melinda J, the winner of Wedding Cake for Breakfast** I didn’t have a wedding cake.  Instead, we opted for a dessert reception to include eclairs and chocolate-covered strawberries.  Oh.  And there was wine.  Of course there was wine. The morning after our wedding, Jeff and I joined up with my family and traipsed across the border down into Mexico, solely because my brother’s baby mama was celebrating her, ahem, 18th birthday and there … Continue reading wedding cake {a giveaway}

Tea Collection Giveaway

Confession: I would rather dress my children in rags than venture into the mall on a shopping trip with all four of them in tow. Which is why the majority of both Cassidy and Jayce’s school clothes this year were online purchases.  Because really, it’s tough to beat shopping in my PJ’s and having a box arrive at my doorstep a couple of days later.  Especially when that box is filled with stuff way cuter … Continue reading Tea Collection Giveaway