Pear & blue cheese flatbread with balsamic glaze

Have you ever wondered what the difference between a pizza and a flatbread is?  Yeah, me too.  Here are the notable differences I’ve come up with so far: Pizza slices are typically cut larger than flatbread slices. The term ‘flatbread’ allows one to serve pizza as an appetizer. I don’t know about you, but I can certainly get on board with that.  Today I’m sharing a recipe for a grilled flatbread that Jeff and I … Continue reading Pear & blue cheese flatbread with balsamic glaze

Passion fruit mojito

You guys remember how much I love passion fruit, right?  When it comes to flavors, there are three that stop me in my tracks: passion fruit, pistachio and truffle.  Of those, passion fruit most definitely wins my heart.  The trouble, of course, is that passion fruits themselves are tiny little buggars.  And at $2 or more a pop, well, ouch.  Last year, after I discovered my passion fruit love, I discovered that Amazon sells passion … Continue reading Passion fruit mojito

Vanilla maple granola recipe

I’ve mentioned a time or two that my family gave up boxed cereal years ago.  In its place, we’ve inserted homemade granola.  We switch out the recipe a few times each year, swapping in a pumpkin version in the fall, for example.  This recipe, though, makes a standard, lightly sweetened, super yummy granola.  If you want to, you can throw in a cup of raisins or dried fruit.  We skip that to keep the sugar … Continue reading Vanilla maple granola recipe

Meal Planning 101

If your household runs anything like mine, there is a most frequently asked question.  That is: Mom, what’s for dinner? You knew that was the question, didn’t you?  Personally, I grew so thoroughly tired of that very question that I began posting a weekly menu so that there was no longer an excuse for asking.  It clings to the side of our refrigerator and is changed out each Friday afternoon. Recently, Mrs. Stephanie Sheaffer of … Continue reading Meal Planning 101

Cut. That’s a Wrap.

I discovered a new lunch superstar this week.  Superstar because not only is it a hit with me, but also with all of the kids – and that, let me assure you, is no small feat. It’s a wrap, which means it’s as easy to throw together as peanut butter and jelly.  And it has hummus, and avocado, and feta–which means it is seriously delicious. Here’s what you need: – tortillas (I prefer the whole … Continue reading Cut. That’s a Wrap.