Project 40 // Month One

I turn forty this year. You may or may not regard forty as something to remark over but considering that I refused to call my thirtieth birthday for what it was and instead insisted upon calling it my twenty-ten birthday, forty is something I’m taking notice of. It’s landing on me so very much differently than my thirtieth did, though. Whereas that one came rolling in like the giant stone boulder on Indiana Jones, this … Continue reading Project 40 // Month One

I think I’d call it hope

1996. More often than not I’ve got a two-year-old on my hip or at my side or strapped in the backseat of the car, content to go where’er I take her. Whether it’s insecurity or in proof of a point or just a matter of convenience I can’t recall but I bring a date to my 19th birthday dinner at Gram’s house. Everyone around the table–everyone but me–knows it will never last. His is one … Continue reading I think I’d call it hope

Message in a bottle

She came into the world with eyes wide open. They put her up on me and instantly I was overwhelmed, in part because I was just a girl myself but there was more to it than that. There was weight in the realization that indeed she was an entity all her own. After those long months of her being within, the without was a full-blown operation of shock and awe. That happened twenty-two light as … Continue reading Message in a bottle

Where we shoot

I was in a meeting at work today and someone said, you don’t go huntin’ without knowing what to shoot. Great metaphor, right? It came back to me as I was pouring over these photos and trying to find word glue to hold them all together. Is it just me, or do big life steps sometimes feel like going hunting without knowing what to shoot? Moving out on your own. Getting married. Buying a house. … Continue reading Where we shoot

This is 37

This is 37

On the eve of his birthday, I always tell Jayce that I’m going to miss him. I’ve been doing it since he was teensy. I’m going to miss you so much because I’m never going to see my three-year-old snuggly bear again. But I’m excited to meet my four-year-old snuggly bear. This morning–before he left for work–Jeff took a page out of my book when he hugged me goodbye. I’m going to miss my 37-year-old … Continue reading This is 37

My story

C.S. Lewis quote | Aslan quote | Chronicles of Narnia

When she was new they kept her in the hospital NICU for seven days. Back then–back before our story filled even a single page–I couldn’t see past the hurdle of simply bringing her home. Of having her near. Like champs, though, we cleared that hurdle and only then did I look up and see countless more stacked so close I wondered how I’d have time to come up for air in between. There are days … Continue reading My story

Construction Progress

Having just returned from a trip to our new home state, I can honestly tell you that I’m in love with a place. That place, oddly enough, is Alabama. I don’t mean to diss on Alabama. It’s just that my affinity for it comes as quite a surprise to me. Jeff and I have lived in Tucson for over eleven years now. Tucson has its perks. Take for instance the sunsets here. I’ve never seen … Continue reading Construction Progress

The simmering year

The Simmering Year

Dear husbandry, As I sit down to write this letter to you it is the day before our eleventh anniversary. It’s a Thursday, my least favorite day of the week. Already this morning I’ve followed behind Cassidy to clean messes both toothpaste-y and littered with glass shards. And then there was the black bean soup incident. You don’t know it yet but I mistakenly grabbed cayenne in place of paprika and rendered this evening’s slow-cooked … Continue reading The simmering year