when we go flying

We went around the table for bests and worsts.  Between mashed potato bites, our highs and lows and even a few in-betweens showed up for dinner.  Kennedy’s babysitting charge cried when she left–her best for sure.  That there was no school.  No early waking. The junior girls got together to make shirts for the spirit assembly.  Unanimously they decided red tees with white puff paint letters: Oh. My. God.  Seniors, look @ our butts! Only … Continue reading when we go flying

my downy fortress

The upright of morning finds me with a fault line just behind my eyes, the contour of which quakes with tremors ranging from faint to seismic.  Rest was elusive.  Left over in my foggy head are suspicions of the sneaky clock at my bedside: the games it plays when the lights go off.  My eyes are jet-puffed and oh thank goodness I bought cucumbers last week. Night is more kind to my mister.  Rest wraps … Continue reading my downy fortress