Crock-pot white chicken chili

Crock-pot white chicken chili

I spent many years of my life as a poultratarian–you know, someone who forsakes all other meats in favor of poultry. During that phase, I was strictly limited when it came dinner time. One of my go-to’s was white chicken chili. Since then, I’ve graduated ever so slightly to including limited non-poultry meats into my diet, but if I’m being honest, I have to tell you that poultry still reigns supreme on our weekly menus. … Continue reading Crock-pot white chicken chili

Crock-pot chicken Florentine soup

Creamy Crock-pot chicken Florentine soup made with real food ingredients

Is it cold where you are? Because–not to brag–but, um, as I write this it’s 73º at my house. The low tonight is going to be 50º though, so I am justified in posting a soup recipe today. It is, after all, January. Official soup appreciation month, or something like that. So today I want to share this yummy comfort food recipe with you. It brings slow-cooked chicken and sun-dried tomatoes together with whole wheat … Continue reading Crock-pot chicken Florentine soup

Slow cooker black bean soup

Confession: I strongly dislike baseball season.  It’s not the sport itself that I have a problem with.  It’s the fact that I have two young children who play on two different teams and–between the two of them–I would guesstimate that 93% of our family time is spent on one baseball field or another.  And when we have to be out the door by 4:40 to make it to a game on time, dinner is a … Continue reading Slow cooker black bean soup

Turkey & chicken sausage 3-bean tequila chili

Turkey & chicken sausage 3-bean tequila chili

We had a most mild winter here in the desert.  Since having moved here in 2004, we’ve gotten snow at least one day each winter (which is plenty thankyouverymuch), with the exception of this season.  I’m really not complaining; cold is not my thing.  In fact, there are only three things I like about winter: Christmas, cozying up by the fire and comfort food.  And when it comes to comfort food, chili ranks right up … Continue reading Turkey & chicken sausage 3-bean tequila chili

Slow cooker Asian chicken

I am always so excited when I stumble upon a promising slow cooker recipe. This one started as just that. I found it on Pinterest and after a quick glance at the ingredient list I knew I’d tweak it a bit before serving it to my family. For starters, the original recipe called for Asian vinaigrette. I know there are many options available on the grocery store shelves, but they’re overloaded with sugar, and sometimes … Continue reading Slow cooker Asian chicken

Tacos Our Way

Ours is a household in which Mexican food is served at least once each week.  Usually more.  Among our favorite dishes: enchiladas, burritos, chicken tortilla soup, enchilada casserole, and tacos.  Honestly, in my book, tacos reign supreme. What’s that you say?  Tacos are boring.  ¡NO! Tu es loco en la cabeza. Our tacos are anything but boring.  They are not greasy or heavy.  Ours are light and do, in fact, burst with fresh flavors. I … Continue reading Tacos Our Way

Slow cooker refried beans

I recently stopped purchasing canned foods.  And–not to be bossy–but I think you should too.  Why?  Because most canned foods, as well as those packaged in various plastics, show traces of BPA.  What’s BPA, you ask?  It’s a chemical that has been restricted in Canada and some US states because it has been linked to a disturbing number of health effects including various cancers, reproductive abnormalities, heart disease, and diabetes. You can read more about … Continue reading Slow cooker refried beans