The best homemade granola bars

The very best homemade granola bars recipe

Oh, friends. This recipe. Let me assure you that it is the result of much trial. And, subsequently, much error. If ever you’ve tried your hand at homemade granola bars, you probably know why this is such a triumph. More often than not, from-scratch granola bars come out either hard as a rock, or too soft to hold together. The good news is that finally our family has a go-to granola bar recipe. That’s all. … Continue reading The best homemade granola bars

S’mores popcorn

Easy & Quick S'mores Popcorn Snack

Some things in this life go hand-in-hand, don’t you agree? For instance: peanut butter & jelly Mickey & Minnie hugs & kisses You might not know it, but like the aforementioned examples, popcorn has a natural counterpart. And no, it’s not that nasty movie theater butter imposter. It’s chocolate. Popcorn & chocolate are a match made in, well, a match made in the most clever of kitchens for sure. I recently thought I’d take it … Continue reading S’mores popcorn

Bacon & pineapple nachos with bbq “salsa”

Bacon & pineapple nachos with bbq "salsa"

I feel like if the FCC knew what I’m about to share, they’d require a public service announcement. Something like: Caution! These nachos may be habit forming. Because, um, they totally are. I made them last weekend as an experiment and–no joke–three bites in Jayce declared that they were, indeed, the world’s best nachos. In spite of the fact that Fridays aren’t a designated recipe sharing day here on The Spot, I had to push this post to the … Continue reading Bacon & pineapple nachos with bbq “salsa”

How to make perfect popcorn at home

5 Tips for perfect popcorn at home

Are you a popcorn lover like I am?  I mean, what’s not to love about freshly-popped popcorn drizzled with melted butter and sprinkled with salt?  It’s good stuff–if it’s done right, that is.  And there really are a lot of ways to mess up a good thing.  Microwave popcorn, for instance.  Yuck.  Hot air popcorn doesn’t compare either.  Not to fear, I’m offering my five no fail tips for perfect popcorn at home, every time.  … Continue reading How to make perfect popcorn at home