Stinky People

When my daughter saw the heading on my blog that read, “People who smell bad”, she repeated it aloud half giggling, half incredulous. She fully doubted I was really going to include such a thing on my site. After all, I’ve always taught her that if she doesn’t have anything nice to say she should refrain from saying anything at all. With that lesson firmly implanted in her soul, how could I justify disparaging scent-challenged … Continue reading Stinky People

Into the Great Wide Open

With these words I am making history. Admittedly, not the kind of history that really matters, but history nonetheless. Welcome to the very first post of my blog! Until recently I didn’t really know what a blog was all about. It’s not like I’ve been hiding under a rock and hadn’t heard the term before. In fact, I’d heard of the concept and, quite frankly, any desire to start my own eluded me. But of … Continue reading Into the Great Wide Open

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