Roasted potatoes, sausage & asparagus

Roasted potatoes, sausage & asparagus

Raise your hand if soccer, dance classes and various other extra-curricular activities have you going so many different directions you can’t hardly catch your breath. Oh, good. So it’s not just me then. I have a few go-to dinners for nights like that. Most of them involve a crock-pot, but the one I’m ’bout to share with you is an oven meal. It’s totes perfect for early fall nights when you’ve poured a glass of … Continue reading Roasted potatoes, sausage & asparagus

Fall farmhouse decor

Fall Home Tour

It’s been awhile since I offered an update on house progress. Suffice it to say that we’ve been busy, working on projects that have gone a long way in making this new house feel like home. Would you like to take a little tour with me? Let’s start outside on the front porch. I can only speak for myself here, but I believe that I have an “it” season. Do you know what I mean … Continue reading Fall Home Tour

Message in a bottle

She came into the world with eyes wide open. They put her up on me and instantly I was overwhelmed, in part because I was just a girl myself but there was more to it than that. There was weight in the realization that indeed she was an entity all her own. After those long months of her being within, the without was a full-blown operation of shock and awe. That happened twenty-two light as … Continue reading Message in a bottle

Grilled pineapple and Hatch chili margarita

Grilled pineapple & Hatch chili margaritas

Hatch chili season is upon us, friends. I wondered if Hatch chili season was a thing here in Alabama and I’m pleased to report that indeed it is. While you won’t find giant rotating roasters full of them in front of every grocery store here in Alabama like you will in Tucson, they do exist in grocery stores. You can even pick them up already roasted if you prefer. I’m not big on spicy food … Continue reading Grilled pineapple & Hatch chili margaritas

Where we shoot

I was in a meeting at work today and someone said, you don’t go huntin’ without knowing what to shoot. Great metaphor, right? It came back to me as I was pouring over these photos and trying to find word glue to hold them all together. Is it just me, or do big life steps sometimes feel like going hunting without knowing what to shoot? Moving out on your own. Getting married. Buying a house. … Continue reading Where we shoot


I’ve mentioned a time or two that Iowa Girl Eats is my go-to for recipes. She’s all about the gluten free life but for those of us who consume all the gluten, her recipes are easy to normalize with traditional pantry staples. Anywho. She does a feature on her blog called Currently. In light of my recent efforts to return to front porch style blogging, I’m following her lead today. And so, without further ado, … Continue reading Currently


Last night we packed a cold pasta salad and drove down the street, pool noodles and towels in hand. We keyed in, chose a table and spooned dinner onto paper plates. And then we bowed our heads, giving thanks for the food but also for more. Nine months ago things were different. Nine months ago the sky was that eerie green and the heat pressed down, wet. There was just the stir of a wind. … Continue reading Miles

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