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Home was an apartment on the first floor of his parents house.  Our own separate entrance–keys and everything.  A house from the Victorian era, its ghost stories left me unsettled.  Always I felt the eyes of someone watching.  Once I even heard the cries of a babe no one could explain. I was sixteen and pregnant and lost in more ways than one. Piecing together a home we skidded by with mismatched furniture and silverware.  … Continue reading haunted

Rebel love

I wake up flat on my back.  My eyes unsuccessfully search the ceiling for something familiar.  Despite the hour, thunder rolls and there is the faint tap of rain against the hotel room window.  I reach across the sheet and find his hand.  “It’s raining,” I tell him.  “That means good luck.” With total disregard for wedding day rules we embraced the day.  That September 18th.  Not only did he see me long before the … Continue reading Rebel love

5 Things I want my freshman daughter to remember

I remember the outfit I chose for my first day of high school.  It’s downright laughable now, but back in the day that floral print shirt paired with acid-washed daisy dukes and hiking boots was haute.  Seriously. Tomorrow morning, I will officially become the mother of two high school girls: one senior and one freshman.  When I picked the freshman up from orientation this afternoon she practically floated into the car.  I remember that.  I … Continue reading 5 Things I want my freshman daughter to remember

the teensiest pieces

Our caps were black.  And our gowns, too.  The only color to break up all that dark hung in the threaded teal lines of our tassels.  And the chintzy gold ’94 emblems that hung like a proclamation alongside. It stung like a sham.  That wasn’t my year.  Those weren’t my people.  Not even my school.  No matter what their silly diploma said. My school was across the street–the two connected by thick white lines of … Continue reading the teensiest pieces

when hearts go walking

My oldest daughter, Torri, (then 17) got her license in October.  Up to that point, I had been the one sitting next to her in the passenger seat as she “practiced” her driving.  But then that flimsy little piece of plastic came along and deemed her capable of going it alone.  And that she did.  From my kitchen window I watched as she drove away that first time.  No one beside her and nothing but … Continue reading when hearts go walking

come on get higher

There is an awakening–of sorts–when first you meet your other.  A tingling wave of emotion as loneliness melts away against the warmth of his smile.  Just the hint of light breaks at first–a beacon of promise. And then something–you can’t exactly be sure what–sets it off.  An undeniable spark that pops like the fourth of July.  The crackle grows louder in your ears with each passing second.  It’s exhilarating and frightening all at once because … Continue reading come on get higher

She Doesn’t Know

I was driving. My four-year-old, Jayce, was buckled into his booster behind me. “Mommy,” he said. “Why doesn’t Cassie know how to tie? I tie stuff all the time.” He does.  Lengths of “rope” (scarves) are among his most valuable treasures.  Should you ever find yourself in my house you’d better beware; you could happen upon a booby trap at any turn. “She just hasn’t learned yet,” I answer. “Well then how come I’ve learned … Continue reading She Doesn’t Know

Where I’m From

I am from glowing candles on a Van de Kamps cake, from Ford and rollie pollies. I am from the mint green duplex on the corner… 415…the cracked stucco, the stoop with no rail. I am from the lilac bush hollowed out like a fort, the purple petals raining down like wishes falling from the sky. I am from Christmas Eve with olive fingers and rides in the wheelbarrow, from Averys and Ezells and Coopers … Continue reading Where I’m From