5 must-have beach vacation outfits

5 Must-have beach vacation outfits | Suchthespot.com

I have a couple of beach trips planned for this summer and fall.  To help pass the time between now and then, I’ve spent some time researching destinations and planning activities.  I’ve pretty much got our itineraries finalized down to where we’re stopping for ice cream.  With all the big stuff planned out, I had to turn my attention to the little things, like, you know, outfits.  Oh, who am I kidding?  You and I both know that vacation outfits are no small thing.  In any case, I put some thought into it and decided that I realistically need five go-to outfits for my beach vacations (at least that’s what I’m telling my husband).  I hope you don’t mind that I’m sharing my wish list outfits here today.  Chime in with suggestions if you’ve got ’em.

Beach vacation outfit idea | Suchthespot.comThis one is a no brainer, right? Of course I need a bathing suit. And a cover-up. And fancy celebrity sunglasses. And once I’ve gone that far I might as well throw in a straw bag. I mean, a girl has to carry her beach towel somewhere.

beach vacation outfit idea | Suchthespot.comDon’t you just love khaki and white color combos? The style whispers “beach” to me. I love linen for humid climates, too.

Beach vacation outfit idea | Suchthespot.comOne of the beach trips I’m taking this year is a 10-year anniversary trip to Hawaii. You can bet that my handsome husband and I will be dining alfresco more than once. I’m picturing views of the open ocean, tiki torches and candlelight. Oh, and mai tais. My vision definitely includes mai tais.

Beach vacation outfit idea | Suchthespot.com

This one is perfect for a stroll down the beach or a casual lunch. You’ll notice I went with linen again. Pants this time. You really can’t pack too much linen when you’re going somewhere beachy.

Beach vacation outfit idea | Suchthespot.com

The other beach destination on my list is a blogging conference at Beaches Resort in the Turks and Caicos islands. If I can find a maxi dress that actually fits me (they typically drag because I’m so short) you can bet that I’m going to be rocking a style similar to this one at the Social Media on the Sand conference this October. The hard part is going to be finding the dress. I guess it’s lucky that I have 159 days to shop. Not that I’m counting…

So…what do you think?  Have I missed anything?  What does your go-to beach vacation outfit consist of?


  1. Use a maxi skirt as a dress with a ciute belt or just hem the dress you like (or have it hemed it shouldn’t be that expensive) my cousin is 4’9″ and she takes everything to a Taylor. Pants, dresses, skirts, shorts. I take all my dresses to a Taylor because anything I buy that fits me in the chest does not fit me in the waist.

  2. I love it all, my fav is your white & khaki combo b/c it looks so comfortable yet stylish! (BTW: I am in love with the fedora hat included in this combo image!)

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