5 Reasons to choose Disney’s Polynesian Resort

Five reasons to choose Disney's Polynesian Resort

Having recently returned from another fabulous Walt Disney World vacation, my blog is bound to show the residual shimmer of pixie dust.  While it would be more fun for all of us to meet up and experience Disney magic together, reading a little about our adventure here is the next best thing, right?  I hope you agree because today’s post is all about Disney’s Polynesian Resort.

One of Disney’s deluxe resorts, “the Poly” is perhaps most famous for being one of three resorts on the monorail line.  And that, in fact, is a prime reason that many guests choose to stay there.  It’s a good reason, especially if you have young children.  Today, though, I’m offering a different take.  My five reasons to stay at the Poly are a bit out of the box.  We stayed at the Poly for the first time during this most recent trip and I dare say that it has edged out Disney’s Beach Club as my new favorite resort.  There are a lot of widely-known reasons to choose the Poly for your next Walt Disney World stay, but there are some lesser known reasons, too.  Here are mine:

1. Superior counter-service options – Mine is a family that doesn’t “do” fast food.  I can’t recall the last time I stepped foot in a McDonald’s and the only drive-thru’s you’ll ever see me in are  of the Starbucks variety.  As you might imagine, then, most of Disney’s counter-service options have never been terribly appealing to us.  But I’d heard great things about Captain Cook’s Snack Co. (the counter-service at the Poly) and so we gave it a go during one of our pool days.  We were not sorry.  With options like chicken stir-fry, pulled pork sandwiches and grown-up grilled cheese, Captain Cook’s definitely offers a dining experience far superior to many of its counterparts.



2. Great pool set-up for families with young children – While the Beach Club’s Stormalong Bay still gets my vote for best pool on property (hands down!), the volcano pool at the Poly was perfect for our needs.  The zero-entry pool is located directly behind a sandy beach with a view of Magic Kingdom.  The reason I loved the set-up was because the entire pool is visible from many of the nearby tables and chairs.  What that means to me is that I can sit poolside with a tropical drink while the kiddos swim and splash within eye-shot.  Oh, and the Poly offers complimentary loaner life vests on a first-come basis.  Our day spent on the pool deck was fun for every last one of us–swimmers and not.



3. Beach-front rooms – Not all of the rooms at Disney’s Polynesian offer beach access, but there are those that do.  When I did my online check-in, I requested a room in the Tahiti building and I was lucky enough to get one.  Our ground-floor room had a sliding glass door that opened to a beach area complete with hammocks and lounge chairs.  There were also some friendly ducks that made a habit of waddling up to our glass door.  The kids spent a fair amount of time checking them out and thought it was one of the best things about our stay there.  If you ask me, the ducks pale in comparison to the ability to watch fireworks from the patio with a glass of chilled Pinot Grigio in hand, but to each his own.





4. Tiki torches – I say tiki torches, but it goes beyond that.  The theming at the Poly leaves no doubt as to whether or not you’re on vacation.  Between the tropical foliage and the water lapping at the shore of the white sandy beach, every last detail of the ambiance at the Poly breathes relaxation.  We loved wandering the tiki-torch lit pathways at night and being greeted with a friendly “Aloha” everywhere we went.  I’ve stayed at several Walt Disney World properties, and I can honestly say that the ambiance of the Poly is tough to beat.

5. Square footage – As one of the first Walt Disney World resorts ever built, the Poly boasts guest rooms larger than most.  It might not sound like much, but the 409 square foot rooms there seem downright spacious compared to the 380 square foot rooms at the Beach Club.  With accommodations for up to five people, the Poly’s rooms leave you plenty of space to get comfy and store your things.

Several Walt Disney World resorts are close to my heart for various reasons, but the feel of the Poly really won me over this time.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it as a great place to call home during your next vacation.

* My family’s stay at Disney’s Polynesian Resort was provided on a complimentary basis.  All opinions are my own. *

8 Replies to “5 Reasons to choose Disney’s Polynesian Resort”

  1. We LOVED the Poly when we stayed there several years ago for DisneySMMoms. It, too, is one of my faves, but I chose the Beach Club for our next trip in June since we have never stayed there! Love all your pictures.

  2. Good to know – especially about Captain Cook’s Snack Co. The portion sizes look pretty decent! That’s the one thing that Tim typically laments about at Disney…a 1/2 of a sandwich just doesn’t quite satisfy. ;)

    As you know, we’ll be at Disney’s Contemporary Resort in less than a month! Have you ever stayed there?

    1. I have stayed at the Contemporary. I LOVE the rooms there; they’re large and oh so sleek and modern. My one complaint is that the bathroom has very little storage space to contain the stuff (toothbrushes, mouthwash, hairbrushes) you bring along. Other than that, it’s a wonderful choice!

    1. We had a room in the Tahiti building on the ground level and our view of the fireworks was perfect. My husband and I enjoyed pouring a glass of wine and sitting on our patio while the sky exploded with color. The only drawback was that we couldn’t hear the music piped in. Enjoy your stay at the Poly!

  3. What “type” of room was yours considered? I.e. Standard, lagoon view, theme park view? Thanks!

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