9 Best Things We Bought in 2010

It’s that time again.  Tax time, that is.  I’ve yet to do mine, but the ever mounting stack of tax forms accumulating in my “Taxes 2010” manila folder tells me that I should get to it.  Soon.

The looming chore of it got me thinking about where our money was spent last year.  And whether or not the purchases we made were good ones.  What better way to ponder that question than by doing a post on it?  Sheer brilliance, right?  I know.  These things just come to me.  It’s a gift.

So, without further ado, here are my choices for our 9 best (because I couldn’t think of a tenth) purchases of 2010:

9. The garden.  Or, rather, the supplies for the garden.  This was our first growing year and, while it was perhaps not as successful as we’d have liked, we learned a lot.  We’re looking forward to trying again this year.

8. You know how there are some things you just put off buying?  Even though you know it’s probably {past} time to do so?  For us, new home phones fit that category.  Our old ones were static-y and unreliable.  The new ones weren’t all that expensive, just one of those things we weren’t terribly eager to spend money on.  But once we did, it really simplified our lives.

7. This is one of those little things that made a huge difference in our kitchen.  I don’t even know what it’s called (scraper?  scooper?).  But basically it’s a tool that allows you to move lots of little chopped food particles to another location neatly.  We use it daily to move chopped celery, carrots (you get the idea) into a pot or skillet with ease.  Love this thing.

6. Ah, be still my beating heart.  This baby is mine.  All mine.  Whereas once upon a time I crawled across our floors, using a spray bottle and old rag to clean them, now the process is streamlined.  Or steam-lined, as the case may be.  Ha!  I crack myself up.  No, but really, this Shark steam mop forever changed clean-up night in our home.

5. This was a Black Friday purchase.  We’re not really choosy when it comes to electronics in our home.  We don’t feel the need for the biggest TV on the block or surround sound or anything like that.  But our DVD player slowly died a painful death last year and I figured we might as well upgrade since we were in the market for a new one.  I never thought I’d care about clarity when it comes to movie watching, but, wow was I wrong.  If you’ve never seen a Blu-ray movie you really are missing out.  Really.

4. This is a selfish one.  My new ring.  I lost my wedding set in Dec. of ’09.  It was insured, luckily, so we were able to replace it right away.  Of course, this, too, was an upgrade.  We spent the entirety of 2010 paying it off (with 0% interest, thankyouverymuch), but it was worth every penny.

3. Our updated bedroom.  We’d come to a point where the ugly old color was literally affecting our mood every time we’d walk into the room.  So we saved.  And invested a full week of elbow grease.  This was the end result.  Whereas the old room turned my mood sour every time I walked in the room, this one does just the opposite.  Our master bedroom is probably my favorite room in the house now.  Money well spent.

2. Family portraits. This was a significant investment for us last year.  More significant than I had anticipated.  However…I’m absolutely in love with each and every photo to come out of that session.  They now hang throughout our house.  We even had a canvas made.  I’ve always wanted one.  I love it.

1. Double XL Family Vacation.  This was easily our most costly “purchase” this year.  But I firmly believe that investing in experiences (rather than things) earns you the greatest return.  And this vacation was no exception.  We made unforgettable memories with my grandparents.  We visited with family we hadn’t seen in years and years.  We had fun as a family and created moments that will live forever in our hearts.  Cheesy, but true.

14 Replies to “9 Best Things We Bought in 2010”

  1. You have a LOT to show for this year! Kudos on money, time, and energy very well spent. Makes me wonder what I have to show for this past year… and, even more, makes me want to make 2011 awesome!

  2. A family as beautiful as yours should definitely have great portraits, and those ones really were spectacular.

    Just bought new phones here, too. And I’m thinking I need to look into the scraper and steam mop, too. Wonder if it’s ok for hardwood?

  3. So 20 minutes later, I’ve ordered myself a steam mop! I bought the Euroflex Monster because it will work on carpet also (our bedrooms are carpeted), got free shipping, and used free Amazon gift cards from Swagbucks. Total cost to me? Four dollars! Don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about a mop!

    1. Dang, girl! I can’t say that I got as great a deal as you did, but at least mine was 1/2 off on Black Friday. If you love yours half as much as I love mine, you’ll be very happy with your purchase!

    1. Thanks, friend!

      I’d love to see your post, if you decide to do one. I always love to take a peek at other people’s “lists”.

  4. Two thumbs up for all the purchases!

    Question about the steam floor cleaner. Do you need to dry the floor afterwards?

    1. Nope, no need for drying. The steam leaves just a thin layer of moisture on the floor but it dries within a minute or two. And it truly makes a difference cleaning with steam; it seems to pull up more grime than I could do on my hands and knees.

  5. I may need to purchase a steam mop now! I love your portraits and wedding rings. We also bought the same home phones as you did, and we really like them. We also upgraded to HD TV and Blu Ray and we’re glad we did. I know that sounds pathetic, because it’s just TV, but we spend a lot of time at home and it’s nice to have.

  6. I love the idea of a review of where the money went…it is a good feeling to know you did spend some on things you love or find useful!
    Oh, the scraper, I have had one for years & LOVE it. It works wonders scooping up the loose flour off the counter when you are done kneading bread or pizza dough!

  7. I love my Shark, too! And I completely agree with you about the vacation, family pictures, and Blu-Ray player!

    I think I might take the plunge with our bedroom soon…

    What a great idea for a post!

  8. Great post! And now I need a steam mop. :) The old rag and spray bottle just can’t keep up with the positively self-reproducing grime. And on white tile floors! The year I can put ‘new kitchen floor’ on the list– it will be the whole list. But it will be in capital letters, with lots of punctuation. For now, steam mop! Thanks for the tip.

  9. Okay, all your readers (and you) are killing me with the “hands and knees” cleaning. Let’s just say that I don’t have that problem.

    I remember your family portraits…they are absolutely gorgeous! And that ring too! :-)

  10. I like the “angle” that you took w/ this post.

    All of your purchases seem worthy and wonderful – especially the family portraits. You’ll have those to treasure for YEARS.

    Same with the garden. It will last you for a long time and produce wonderful, organic food to eat.

    Steam mops are awesome. We loved the one we had for our tile-filled home in Vail. Now we have a Dyson Digital Slim (cordless!) for the RV – and it’s quite the powerful machine!

    You still have home phones? We haven’t had those in…7 years?

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