A Friend Indeed

This blog has opened many a door for me: I’ve been given the opportunity to review some great products, I earn a (very) modest bit of spending money, and I have a pretty decent outlet for just about anything I want to say.  But the coolest thing–for sure–about “the Spot,” is the friends I’ve made.  Friends I likely wouldn’t have otherwise.

Some of them live (or once lived) close by and I’ve had the chance to hang out with them in real life.  Others live clear across the country and we’ve yet to meet face to face.

Oh.  But how quickly that can change.

Like it did this past weekend, when I met and hung out with Allison {Slice of Heaven}.

It was nearly a year ago that Allison and I began a virtual friendship.  It was an easy one to cultivate, considering the mutual soft spot we have for all things Disney.  Beyond that though–as I got to know Allison better through her blog posts–I discovered someone so incredibly kind and thoughtful.  When I heard she’d be attending D23, I added that to my list of reasons to go.

I’m so glad I did.

Allison, her mom, Francie, and I met for dinner on my first night there.  And within minutes of sitting down we became engrossed in conversation.  It was like we’d been high school friends and this was our reunion – that’s how familiar it was.

Allison had sent me a card prior to our meet up.  And in it, she’d said she had the feeling that once we met in person, it would be like we’d know each other all our lives.

She was right.

I’m calling the next one though.

Something tells me that our D23 introduction was but the first time we’d meet for a meal.  A glass of wine.  Laughter and dessert.

Next time…I’m thinking pedicures.  Shopping.  Typical girl stuff.  And, of course, there’s always room for Mickey.  ;)


12 Replies to “A Friend Indeed”

  1. Don’t you love it when you just feel that clicking moment? It’s amazing how blogging can bring people together in ways you’d never imagine!

  2. We are truly lucky to live in an era where we are able to meet and form friendships with so many people we wouldn’t have met outside of blogging!

  3. What a great story – I think we all have those people who are friends right from the get-go. It is a good feeling.

  4. I agree 100%. The best thing about blogging is relationships – the wonderful people out there to meet, learn from, and befriend. :)

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