A Little Bit of Bliss and That

How’d all ya’ll get along without me? (Like that verbiage I picked up in Nashville?)

My Blissdom weekend was jam-packed.  Full of great things—no doubt.  But jam-packed nonetheless.  I thought I’d give you a quick run-down of the good, and the not-so-good.

The Good:

  • The opening keynote from Kevin Carrol was amazing.  He is an engaging speaker with an inspirational story that tugged at the heartstrings and opened my eyes to a perspective that these “adult eyes” of mine seemed to have been blind to before.  I’m absolutely going to be ordering his book from Amazon: Rules of the Red Rubber Ball: Find and Sustain Your Life’s Work Perhaps you should see if it’s worth your while as well.
  • Blissdom offered the unique opportunity to network with other bloggers from every corner of the US—and everywhere in between.  Pokems were bumped, business cards were passed, and twitter lists grew.
  • The Gaylord Opryland is a gorgeous small country resort.  Nicole and I did not step foot outside a single time after checking in on Thursday evening until checking out on Sunday morning.  Yet, we saw waterfalls, basked in the natural daylight, and ate to our bellies’ content.  One could live within its biodome.  Literally.
  • Harry Connick Jr.  Did I mention that?
  • Swag.  There was plenty of it.  And I’ve got pictures to prove it.

The Bad:

  • The sessions weren’t all that informative.  I’d hoped to pick up some little gems of blogging knowledge along the way, but as it turned out I ended up mining for more copper than diamonds.  Not that copper is bad—of course—but I already had a piggybank full of pennies at home.
  • It was tough to squeeze into some of the conference rooms, what with the egos taking up so much space.  Just sayin’.

Clearly, the good outweighed the not-so-good.  But if I’m being honest then I have to admit that there was a bit of each.

Oh.  And I have pictures, on the off chance you’re interested.

Photo credit: Pixel Boutique.

19 Replies to “A Little Bit of Bliss and That”

  1. You forgot to list: Erin wasn’t there under the bad. Also, I want to hear more about the egos. Also times two, your hair looks so cute in the photo of you and STeph.

  2. It was SO WONDERFUL to see you and I wish we’d had more time to hang out. I turned in soon after you did last night. Learned my lesson from Thursday night, when I should have followed you back. :-) Glad you’re home safely. Let’s meet up again in NYC at BlogHer, how about that? ;-)

  3. Glad you had a good time! Looks like you were pretty close to Harry. What did he talk about?

  4. Looks like you had a great time! It kills me that you were this close and I didn’t get to see you. :(

    So, any luck in shaking Sarah Palin’s hand?

  5. Thanks for being my roomie and not hogging all the towels. And teaching me about homemade bread and granola bars and skinny jeans. ;)

  6. Gaylord Opryland is such an amazing place to stay, you’re right, you don’t really need to step out of it. Did you ride the boats? We stayed there 4 years ago, I don’t think I’ll forget anytime soon. You look beautiful as always, loved the pics, thanks for sharing! Glad you’re home safe!

  7. Of course we’re interested in the photos! It’s so fun to get a “sneak peek” into your time there…

    Quick Comment: I am so happy that you mentioned the “bad” along with the “good.” Too often, I see conference recaps that are all sun and rainbows. While I think it is important to focus on the positives, I think it is also helpful to reflect on what could have been better.

    I look forward to hearing more when we get together in-person! :)

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