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I think it’s safe to say that we’ve officially entered entertaining season. Whether it’s a fancy holiday meal or a casual dinner party with friends, when people gather, they tend to gather around a table of one sort another. And while using the finest china and grandma’s antique silverware might be appropriate for Thanksgiving dinner, there are plenty of occasions that call for a far more casual table-setting. Casual, though, doesn’t have to mean boring. One of the ways I add visual appeal to a casual table-setting is through the use of texture.

How to add texture to a casual table setting

Plate chargers tend to elevate any tablescape, but they can also easily be used in even a casual table-setting. While porcelain, glass or crystal might be just right for a fancy meal, plate chargers made of natural materials lend the perfect vibe to a more casual get together. I have a set of seagrass plate chargers that I use all the time.  They add instant texture  and depth to any casual table-setting.

How to add texture to a casual table-setting

Of course, linens add texture, too. For casual occasions, I prefer the look of unpressed, neutral-colored linen napkins. For a little something extra, you could even tie a twine bow around the napkin.

The centerpiece is an obvious place to really layer on textures. I like to keep my table-settings really neutral and bring color in via my centerpiece. Faux greens are a great way to do so. Candle holders made of natural birch are another great option.

How to add texture to a casual table-setting

I built my centerpiece atop a wooden cake plate for even another layer of texture.

How to add texture to a casual table-setting

If you find the right flatware, you can even use it to lend texture to your casual table-setting. Wayfair has some gorgeous options for textured flatware.

How to add texture to a casual table-setting

I hope these tips will help you to create a beautiful casual table-setting for your next get together with friends!

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