Another Easter in the books

On Saturday, we colored eggs.


And then a glorious reprieve from baseball left us with the day to ourselves.  We prepped Easter foods and then sat down to watch a documentary that–apparently–everyone else has already seen: Blackfish.  I’m not so much an animal person but that film broke my heart.

Sunday morning we went to church.

Easter kids-1We came home and hunted plastic eggs and ate fruit and what else but deviled eggs?  While we were waiting for the grill to heat up we heard this horrible screeching noise and looked over the wall to see a big coachwhip snake creeping along the line of the wall.  The big tough boys scared the snake up into an ocotillo cactus in our side yard.


snakeocotillo-1Do you see him there?  His head is mostly black and then his body gets more and more coral towards his tail.  His tail is completely coral–that thin little wisp at the right of the frame.  Truth be told, he gave me the heebie jeebies.

Once they had appropriately tormented it, we let it go back about its business and then a few minutes later came the screeching again.  Come to find this little guy.

Easter bunny-1 The bunny, not the boy.  The boy belongs to Torri.  The bunny was one of three teensy little Easter bunnies that the mean ol’ coachwhip snake tried to eat for dinner.  After several attempts, we think we finally scared that snake away, but it’s hard to say for sure.

The snake isn’t venomous so we didn’t want to kill it.  Of course, I didn’t want the baby bunnies to die, either.  I don’t like snakes–not one little bit.  But I kind of felt bad for this one because he was just hungry.  The circle of life is a tough thing to watch up close.

How was your Easter?  Did you rescue any Easter bunnies?


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