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Hello, pretties! How are ya’ll doing? <— Did you catch my pronoun usage there? Our Alabama move is creeping ever so slightly closer; I hope you’ll excuse my trying the vernacular on for size. I also hope you’ll excuse my excitment about the move. I’m sharing a photo of the building progress later on in this post for those who want to indulge me.

As you might expect, aforementioned move has kept me quite busy over the last few weeks. We sold our house and have been packing box after box in preparation for our move. Because we’re not actually heading to Alabama until December, we had to find temporary housing here in Tucson. Lucky for us, our good friends recently purchased a new home and graciously offered to rent us their former home while we wait out the rest of our time here in the desert. The timing was so perfect for both parties; God most assuredly had a hand in it!

In the midst of all that packing we sent our kids back to school at the end of July. It was such a whirlwind of a summer, wasn’t it?! I sent off a newly-minted 4th, 10th and 12th grader this year. I can’t hardly believe that I’m about to have two daughters who’ve graduated high school. I guess it makes me an oldie but goodie.

With them off to school, I have a bit more time to prepare for the move, which is a good thing. I’m not talking about disconnecting utilities and arranging movers. No, I’m talking about the less tedious, more fun aspects of the move. I bet you didn’t realize there was such a thing, did you? Sure enough. We’re building a new home in Alabama–that’s exciting stuff! One of the things I’m most excited about in the new house is the fact that I will have a dedicated study. Here, I converted a spare bedroom to office space, but there I have an official study. We’re scraping together some savings so that when we finally get the keys to the new place I’ll have some fun money to spend on furniture and decor for the office. See? Moving isn’t all bad.

It’s still too soon to visit stores and make purchases, but it’s definitely not too soon to start putting together general ideas for how I want the space to look. I’ve turned to several online sources to help me do just that, one of which is a go-to when it comes to all things home: Wayfair.

I have plans to share a lot more with you all, er, I mean ya’ll, soon on the house. In the meantime, I hope you’ll indulge me a bit as I share a few items on my wish list for the study.

For starters, I’ve got my eye on several area rugs. The new house is going to have theses deliciously gorgeous deep espresso hardwood floors. They are sure to be easy on the eyes but maybe not so much on bare feet, especially on cold winter mornings. I’m definitely going to need an area rug under my desk to keep me comfy. Here are a few I’m considering:

Blue Diamond Area Rug from Wayfair

Woven Light Blue Diamond Area Rug

Sofia Rug from WayfairSofia Rug

Area rug from Wayfair

Dhurries Grey/Ivory Area Rug

Area rug from Wayfair

Cambridge Lattice Navy Blue & Ivory Area Rug

With them all lined up like that it becomes clear that I’m having a thing for geometric pattern right now. Hmm. Who knew?

I also really want a new executive desk. The one I have right now is from IKEA and while it has served me quite well, I’m looking for something more formal for the fancy-shmancy study. Something like this:

Wetherly Executive Desk from Wayfair

 Wetherly Executive Desk

It’s pretty, isn’t it? I love that it’s not too masculine but still formal. Instead of a ceiling fan (yes, I am aware of how hot Alabama summers can be thankyouverymuch), I’m opting for a chandelier. What do you guys think of this one?

Great home office ideas from Wayfair

Briellis 5 Light Candle Chandelier

Or this:

Great home office ideas from Wayfair

Salento 6 Light Transitional Chandelier

Or even this:

Great home office ideas from Wayfair

Ella 9 Light Candle Chandelier

If you’re looking at all of my choices and noticing that they look suspiciously feminine, I’ll let you in on a little secret. Here’s the thing: every once in awhile my handsome husband works from home. When he does, he has a habit of bringing his laptop and his work-related sundries into my office and spreading out. In short, he brings chaos to my calm and it doesn’t exactly thrill me. And so if, by chance, the new study looks and feels decidedly feminine, well I suspect he won’t be inclined to overstay his welcome, know what I mean?

Moving right along, though.

I’m also looking for just the right table lamp. I’ve found several options that I feel would ground my feminine space by adding some industrial style.

Great home office ideas from Wayfair

Adjustable Pharmacy 25″ H Table Lamp with Bowl Shade

Great home office ideas from Wayfair

Metal 25″ H Table Lamp with Bowl Shade

Great home office ideas from Wayfair

Alexander 26″ H Table Lamp with Bowl Shade

I’ve even started dreaming up how I want to accessorize the space. We plan to display several goodies we’ve purchased in our travels on a pair of custom-made bookcases that we’ll be moving from here to there with us. While I have several decorative accessories already in my collection, it never hurts to add one or two more, right?Great home office ideas from Wayfair

“World Map – Navy” by Michael Tompsett Graphic Art on Wrapped Canvas

Great home office ideas from Wayfair

“Travel the World” by Leah Flores Textual Art on Wrapped Canvas

Great home office ideas from Wayfair

Beautiful Metal Wood Globe

Doesn’t it all come together quite nicely? I’m hoping that the real thing is just as perfect as what I’m imagining. It’s a ways off, especially considering that the builder only just broke ground last week. This is a photo my husband snapped while he was in Alabama for business. That vast expanse of dirt you see there? That’s where our home will be, God willing and the creek don’t rise.

Great home office ideas from Wayfair

Do you see that beautiful emerald grass and those gorgeous tall trees? Those are soothing sights for these sore, dusty, desert-dwelling eyes. Good things are worth waiting for, don’t you think? More on the house soon. Stay tuned!

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  1. I’m pretty sure you are moving in to my friends neighborhood! I’ve read your blog for about a million years (you were in some kind of contest though I don’t remember what for at his point- I know your blog was still brown with colorful dots) so I will try my best not to come stalk you next time we are down there to visit. Huntsville is great! Y’all will love it- plus it’s easy driving distance to tons of great southern cities.

  2. So you are picking up some sayings from this generation, If the Good Lord is willing and the creeks don’t rise. Been saying for mores that I care to share. This is so neat for us to see where your new home will be. Grams

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