Best Bags for Disney World

bestbagsfordisneySo, you’re going to Disney World.  You’ve secured your resort accommodations, purchased your tickets, and made your dining reservations.  Woo hoo!  You’re all set.  Until you realize that you need a handy little bag to carry all your stuff around in.  But what kind of bag is best for park touring? I thought you’d never ask.

In shopping for just the right bag, you’re best served by looking for a bag that is both lightweight and organized. Ideally, you’d like a zippered front fold-down pouch, a mesh pocket for a water bottle, and a padded strap. The most comfortable and convenient bags, in my opinion, can be worn across the body. I also tend to look for a bag that is dark and color and doesn’t necessarily stand out in a crowd, just because when I’m traveling I prefer not to call attention to any excess cash I might be carrying.

These are some of the very best bags to have on hand (or on your shoulder, as the case may be) as you tour the parks.


Best bags for your Disney vacation

I own a bag very similar to this one. Baggalliniis well-known for its organizational features. Especially helpful is the front zip-down pouch. It makes for an ideal spot to keep park tickets, FASTPASSES, and cash.

Best bags for your Disney vacation

This Overland Equipment bag is very similar, and a lot of people rave about the quality of the brand. Functionally, it’s very similar to the Baggallini above. Bonus: it’s available in a virtual rainbow of great colors.

Best bags for your Disney vacation
If, unlike me, you have a smaller traveling party and don’t need as big a bag, this smaller Kipling might do the trick. Like the other two, it can be worn cross-body (which is really quite handy while you’re touring the parks) and features an easy-to-get-to front pouch. The one drawback I see is that there is no “pocket” to protect against your belongings falling out while you’re upside down on Expedition Everest. I’d keep my valuables inside the main compartment in this case.

Best bags for your Disney vacation
This Pacsafe bag is a super fashionable option (in a very Batgirl sort of way). It offers a sleek alternative to the above choices while still maintaining great functionality. I love that it’s dual purpose in that it’s designed to protect against pick-pocketing. Would be perfect for Europe, too!Best bags for your Disney vacation

I love this one for its crossbody style and manageable size. And the price is pretty tough to beat, don’t you think?

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  1. I agree – you do think of everything. Off to check them out. Do you carry around your dslr or just a point/shoot or just your phone camera for the parks?

    1. I’ve done it both ways. This trip I carried my digital dslr and it wasn’t bad. I don’t have any fancy lenses for it, so it’s pretty lightweight. For a first trip, I’d definitely recommend lugging your best camera because you’re probably going to want to get some great shots for the blog or scrapbook.

  2. I ordered one, thanks! I was in need of something like this. I hope it comes before our trip to the pumpkin farm next Monday.

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