Boozie fish extender gift idea


It’s about that time again, ladies and gents: cruise time.  The most loyal of my readers know well what happens when I prepare for a cruise.  I post another fish extender gift idea!  And this year is no exception.

Well, I guess we did it a wee bit different this year in that we went all boozie.


Our fish extender gifts for our upcoming cruise feature fix’ins for adult beverages.  We’re including two plastic tumblers, two cans of pineapple juice, two airplane bottles of coconut rum and two light up glowing ice cubes (if only because we couldn’t leave the kids out entirely).  I can’t speak for anybody else, but I can assure you that this is a fish extender gift I most assuredly would love to receive.  I think it will be a welcome respite from the loads of kiddie Oriental Trading Co. junk products that tend to bog down those pockets.  After all, mom and dad are the ones paying for the cruise!  In any case, I hope our recipients will share {and appreciate} my perspective.



    1. Kind of. Participants hang pockets that collect all their gifts. We’ll leave this in one of their pockets.

  1. Wow. I would love that as a fe gift. Even my dd11 would like the pineapple juice. We opted not to do fe this next trip due to all the stuff we ended up with that my dd brought home and sat in a box un opened. If we were on your fe group. I might be kicking my self.

  2. There are many opinions about giving the boozie gifts in the FE. Some don’t like it because of kids getting a hold of it (I’m pretty sure we’ve had things taken out of ours). But we have definitely used it when we have received this adult only gift. When/where is your next cruise?

    1. I’ve never been lucky enough to be on the receiving end of a boozie gift, but that might change this go ’round; we seem to have a group eager to imbibe! We are cruising this fall. We’re sailing on a western Caribbean cruise aboard the Disney Fantasy.

      1. The Wonder was 20 minutes from my house yesterday (Port of LA) but I didn’t go to see her. Sad because I was booked on that cruise and had to cancel. I did Fantasy Eastern. Love!

  3. I am getting ready for my first FE next May, and I have a couple of questions for you. How many of these did you make? Did your FE group note who drank and who did not, and if so did you make something else for those staterooms? Just curious, since I am new to all of this…

    1. Good questions, Amy. Our group for this upcoming cruise includes 60 adults. We made thirty of these particular gifts. I asked on our group’s Facebook page if there was anyone who wouldn’t be happy to receive alcohol and there was, in fact, one couple who politely stated that they don’t imbibe. I am going to put together something else for that one stateroom. Not surprisingly, I also had several responses from folks who offered to take any leftovers ;)

      Last year, we did fish extenders for an Alaskan cruise that included alcohol and we had several responders comment that they did not want alcohol. We just omitted the peppermint schnapps from those gifts, easy peasy.

      1. Hi again! I have a follow-up question. Did you pack these into your luggage all packaged up and ready to gift? And if so, how did you keep the plastic cups from breaking? How did you pack these for shipping on the plane, and then rolling them on the ship?

        Thanks for your help!

      2. Did you put these FE gifts in a carry–on bag for the ship? I LOVE your ideas. Just want to make sure I get them on the ship the right way ;)

        1. Yes, Kristi. We lugged *all* those airplane bottles of alcohol (and the pineapple juice, too!) around with us in our carry-on luggage. It was not pleasant, but I thought the gift made it worth the hassle.

          1. Thank u!! I do think they are very cute & worth lugging. Great idea!!

          2. Are we allowed to bring small bottles of booze on the Wonder. I thought I read liquor is not allowed only wine and beer. If it is. I love that idea. This is our first cruise. We want to make a great one.

          3. I don’t believe DCL allows any liquor to be brought aboard anymore. This post was written prior to that policy change. Sorry, Sandy!

  4. Hi! Stumbled upon your website searching for FE gift ideas…love, love, love the notebook. Think I’m doing it – our first Disney cruise is coming very fast!
    But, my question is – do you have any ideas for FE gifts for boys – boys of all ages, little to teen.


    1. You must be so excited for your cruise, Lori. My tip would be to make sure you budget a down payment to book another cruise while you’re aboard; I can almost guarantee that this one will hook you!

      As for boy fish extenders, my family does not give individual gifts for each member of the family. In my experience, the cruisers who do so tend to give lots of Oriental Trading stuff that we, personally, don’t even bother to bring off the ship with us. We, instead, opt to give a family gift of higher quality. If you have your heart set on giving individual gifts for the boys on your cruise, I would suggest maybe giving them some candy to enjoy in the movie theater. Alternatively, you might consider gimmicky types of toys like pens that write with invisible ink or fake handcuffs for the younger boys. Teen boys? That is a tough crowd. The best I can come up with for them would be a hacky sack or candy and gum. I know my son (7) also appreciates pirate stuff for the theme night. In any case, I hope you have a great time!

      1. Thank you so much. I was thinking of your notebook for the girls, but I might should make
        this the family gift. Thank you so much for replying. We do always say the best way to get over Disney “trip let down” is to book the next Disney trip. Thanks again…enjoying your blog!!

  5. Where can I get the tiny bottles of rum? Or other ETOH? First Disney cruise in May on the Dream to the Bahamas and we are so excited!!

    1. We got our tiny bottles of rum at Total Wine, but BevMo and other liquor stores carry them as well. You lost me on the ETOH. What is that?

  6. And you can take tiny liquor bottles on board? I always heard you can’t bring alcohol with you. Do they check your bags before you board? My fiancé and I are taking the Disney Dream for our Honeymoon. I’m a Pre-k teacher, and I’m all about this FE fun!!

    1. As of right now, Joanna, you most certainly can take alcohol on Disney ships with you. The catch is that you have to carry it on; you can’t put it in the luggage you check curbside. That is one of those things that is always subject to change, which is why I say that you can take alcohol on as of right now. Just be sure you check current policies right before you sail. Have fun!

  7. I also wanted to give little bottles of alcohol as a FE gift however was concerned about the amount of alcohol you are allowed to bring on board. I thought it was a maximum of 2 L. Don’t all those individual little bottles add up to more than 2 L?

    1. Currently there is no limit to the amount of alcohol you can bring on board with you, Roxanne. It is important to note, though, that the alcohol you take on board with you must be in your carry-on luggage. There is a limit to how much alcohol guests can bring back through customs when the disembark the ship. That limit varies by cruise destination.

  8. Ok, I am in love with your blog, very cute and simple. I have a question, I am doing my first ever FE exchange after cruising 5 times, I am gonna do it!! :-) I was under the impression you do gifts each day for the people in the group?

    1. You certainly can, Taricia, but you don’t have to. We’ve always given a single gift for the duration of the cruise. Anything more and I wouldn’t be able to afford more Disney cruises!

  9. So reading your post has me a bit concerned about my first FE exchange. I thought I had the brilliant idea to do a message in a bottle with pixie dust. You say when your family gets Oriental trading gifts u normally leave them on the ship???? So am I wasting time and money on this idea?????

    1. Hi, Alesha. I’m sorry I have you concerned about your chosen gift for the FE. When I say that my family leaves Oriental Trading Co. type of gifts on the ship, I am referring to inexpensive plastic knickknacks that are reminiscent of birthday party goodie bag items. We simply leave those behind because (a) we don’t have tons of room in our luggage and (b) we could buy those things ourselves anywhere. In my opinion, the very best gifts are creative homemade items we can use or appreciate at home or things that we can use on the ship. I’m the type of person that doesn’t like a bunch of clutter so anything that is not thoughtful or usable doesn’t have any value to me, personally. That’s not to say that a gift has to cost a fortune; we once received a couple packages of gum that we made great use of aboard the ship! Have a great time on your cruise!

  10. Hi there, Can you tell me where you got the glow cubes for the boozie FE? thanks :)

    1. I bought them from an online wholesaler, Erica. I don’t recall which one. A quick Google search should yield several options.

  11. how did it not get taken away since there is a limit to the amount of alcohol you are able to bring aboard?

  12. I just found out that we are NOT allowed to bring alcohol on the ship? How did you make this and use them for FE gifts?
    Thank you

    1. Several years ago, before Disney Cruise Line revised their policy on alcohol, guests were permitted to bring liquor on the Disney ships. It’s no longer the case.

  13. So how do you take the small bottles of booze on for 10 cabins for the fish extender since you are allowed only 2 wine bottles or 1 -6 pack of beer? We are going 12/2/22

    1. At the time when this post was published, Lezlie, DCL did not have limitation restrictions on alcohol brought on board.

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