Bus driver gift idea

I have officially begun the countdown to the last day of school.  Because it means the end of my having to come up with creative packed lunches every. day. of. the. week. I think I quite possibly look forward to the end of the school year more than the kids do.  But with the end of the year comes the time to show appreciation for those who’ve helped make our school year a success.  For our family, that includes bus drivers.  I thought I’d share one idea for a cute and inexpensive way to express gratitude for the drivers who ensure a safe trip to and from school each day.


It’s as simple as buying an insulated cup and a $5 (or more) Jamba Juice gift card.  Slap this handy dandy bus driver appreciation gift printable on the cup you’re as good as done.  Easy peasy, right?  Enjoy!



  1. This is a great idea! Luke’s bus driver has been so amazing and I want to get her a nice gift.

  2. What a clever idea! Maybe I will one to myself (since I am the bus driver in my house)! Yes, and I look forward to the end of school also.

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