Confession: weekend breakfasts around these parts are an indulgence. We reserve healthy things like yogurt and steel-cut oats for weekdays while we savor delicious treats like fluffy pumpkin pancakes with maple cream cheese syrup and toasted pecans on lazy weekend mornings. Makes you want to come sleep over next Friday night, doesn’t it? I don’t… Continue reading PUMPKIN CREAM CHEESE PINWHEEL PASTRIES

Whole wheat english muffins

If you’ve never tried a homemade English muffin, well, you’ve never tried an English muffin at all.  Seriously.  Given how easy it is to make them, I cannot understand why anyone would buy store-bought English muffins.  The homemade version–when made with whole wheat flour–packs a significantly better nutritional punch and tastes unbelievably wholesome and delicious. … Continue reading Whole wheat english muffins

dilled wheat bread

Things have been all aflurry (yes, I totally just made that word up) at our house as of late.  On those busy weeknights when we need a quick dinner but don’t want to (would not ever, in fact) resort to the drive-thru of a fast food restaurant, we opt for sandwiches.  This is my go-to… Continue reading dilled wheat bread