Whole grain yeasted waffles

One of my favorite things about Saturday mornings is the fact that my husband is the weekend breakfast specialist around here. He has two specialties in the kitchen, actually: breakfast and beverages (both of which come to play on the weekends, come to think of it). He’s most famous for two things: margaritas and these… Continue reading Whole grain yeasted waffles

Whole wheat english muffins

If you’ve never tried a homemade English muffin, well, you’ve never tried an English muffin at all.  Seriously.  Given how easy it is to make them, I cannot understand why anyone would buy store-bought English muffins.  The homemade version–when made with whole wheat flour–packs a significantly better nutritional punch and tastes unbelievably wholesome and delicious. … Continue reading Whole wheat english muffins

Vanilla maple granola recipe

I’ve mentioned a time or two that my family gave up boxed cereal years ago.  In its place, we’ve inserted homemade granola.  We switch out the recipe a few times each year, swapping in a pumpkin version in the fall, for example.  This recipe, though, makes a standard, lightly sweetened, super yummy granola.  If you… Continue reading Vanilla maple granola recipe

Egg Nests

We have a tradition of sorts, around these parts.  That is: come weekend mornings, we ditch our boring weekday breakfast routine of oatmeal or yogurt and indulge in something far more caloric.  And tasty, too.  This morning, we woke to found that someone had finished off the milk with chocolate chip cookies last night, so… Continue reading Egg Nests