That Thing I Never Told You – A dear friend

That thing I never told you is a series of posts here on The Spot that attempt to reveal a previously unspoken sentiment. Each post is directed at a very specific someone–whether it’s the grocery store clerk who carded me on the weekend of my 37th birthday (thank you very much!) or the elderly neighbor… Continue reading That Thing I Never Told You – A dear friend

Fix my eyes

Jeff was out of town for work last week.  During his trip, we faced a sizeable–though thankfully rare for us–marital issue that kept us up on the phone until the wee hours of a weeknight morning.  It was the last night of his trip and this was one of those things that we absolutely had… Continue reading Fix my eyes

Live like that

Each night, I kneel at Jayce’s bedside and there in the dark we take turns praying aloud.  First me and then him.  Most often he prays for the same things: blessings for Karamuka and Kimani (our sponsored Compassion children) and the new girl whose name he can’t remember, blessings for his sisters, blessings for grandparents… Continue reading Live like that

The truth about angels

Photo by Tammy Sue under a Creative Commons public domain license When I was a little girl, I believed that when good people died, they went to heaven and became an angel.  I can’t say exactly where that belief was rooted, though it was certainly reinforced in the cartoons I watched.  I’m sure you’ve seen… Continue reading The truth about angels