Last night we packed a cold pasta salad and drove down the street, pool noodles and towels in hand. We keyed in, chose a table and spooned dinner onto paper plates. And then we bowed our heads, giving thanks for the food but also for more. Nine months ago things were different. Nine months ago… Continue reading Miles

Will be

I paid some $17 for the dress I would get married in. It was left over from prom. Periwinkle blue. Clearance. We had reserved this quaint courtyard at a resort here in the desert. Picture a luminary-lined, low adobe wall. Starlit sky above.  Flagstone beneath our feet. Warm desert air after sunset. There was to… Continue reading Will be

Dance the tides

When I woke up on this day nine years ago, the tap of raindrops hit steady against the window.  Good luck for a wedding day, so they say. The water that rained down last night, on the eve of our anniversary, was a different kind indeed.  The water softener has been acting testy.  He went… Continue reading Dance the tides

Rebel love

I wake up flat on my back.  My eyes unsuccessfully search the ceiling for something familiar.  Despite the hour, thunder rolls and there is the faint tap of rain against the hotel room window.  I reach across the sheet and find his hand.  “It’s raining,” I tell him.  “That means good luck.” With total disregard… Continue reading Rebel love