Thanksgiving house tour :: 2013

I’m inviting you over again.  Over the years, I’ve done several house posts in which I unveil room makeovers or holiday decorations (most recently at Halloween).  I’m doing another of those today–this time to feature our Thanksgiving decorations.  Do you decorate for Thanksgiving?  This is the first year I’ve really gone to any trouble for… Continue reading Thanksgiving house tour :: 2013

Our take on Santa

Yesterday–as we were checking out at the grocery store–the cashier leans over the counter and says to Cassidy, “are you going to get your picture taken with Santa?”  She shakes her head no.  “Did you write him a letter?”  She shakes her head a second time.  “Well then, how’s he going to know what you… Continue reading Our take on Santa

a thankful game

Come Thursday, countless families will gather ’round their festively decorated tables and feast on a meal for which there are few caloric equivalents.  As part of the celebration, many will go around the table, giving each person the chance to voice gratitude for all that he or she has been blessed with.  There are other… Continue reading a thankful game