We Boo, Do You?

Three years ago, at about this time of year, I left Jeff at home with our then two-month-old son and took the girls to a Disney on Ice production.  When we came home we found a very festive gift basket filled with spooky delights like silly string, Halloween candy, orange and black hair ties, and glow sticks.  There… Continue reading We Boo, Do You?

Mothers Day Weekend: Eat, Drink, & Get Out of Diaper Duty

Is it just me or does Mothers Day account for a whole weekend worth of celebration whereas Fathers Day can pretty much be summed up with brunch after church?  I have yet to change a diaper this weekend and Jeff both made and cleaned up after our blueberry pancakes this morning.  If I can expect more of… Continue reading Mothers Day Weekend: Eat, Drink, & Get Out of Diaper Duty

All Joking Aside

Okay, so a tidbit about me since we are just getting to know each other and all. I’m a huge fan of practical jokes. Huge. I love Thanksgiving and Christmas as much as the next gal, but when April Fools Day rolls around each year I find myself absolutely giddy with the prospect of having… Continue reading All Joking Aside