Can you spot it?

Let’s play a little game, shall we? For this game, I’m going to show you a picture and you’re going to tell me what’s wrong with it. Are you ready? Here we go. Can you spot it? No? Maybe you need a comparison.

Losing Cars

Lined up wheel to wheel on a shelf in his room are the Pinewood Derby cars of years gone by. You can see a progression in them–from the big and boxy shark car to the Batmobile we broke down and finally bought last year.  There’s a handful of stages scattered amongst those cars. Within the span of… Continue reading Losing Cars

Story in its bones

I’ve been looking–eyes scouring the hillsides during our desert drives.  I keep hoping to find a secret place where the light falls like stardust.  A clearing or a rock ledge or a tattered old wall with a story in its bones. There have been treasures: fallen trees perfect for climbing. And for resting. We’ve found… Continue reading Story in its bones

Live like that

Each night, I kneel at Jayce’s bedside and there in the dark we take turns praying aloud.  First me and then him.  Most often he prays for the same things: blessings for Karamuka and Kimani (our sponsored Compassion children) and the new girl whose name he can’t remember, blessings for his sisters, blessings for grandparents… Continue reading Live like that

Golden Road

I always wanted four.  Children, that is.  I specifically remember sitting on the staircase with my best friend taking turns sharing our grand plans.  We–with our eleven-year-old foresight–hashed out the fine details of the houses we’d own and the kids we’d have, right down to the gender order of their births.  We were so sure… Continue reading Golden Road