Reaching further

An uproarious round of applause welcomed her to the stage.  From the audience, my stomach was in knots for her.  It’s one thing to be sincere and forthright on paper, but in person I’m tongue-tied more often than not.  This middle child of mine–with her whisper of a voice–so much like me in that way.… Continue reading Reaching further

on croup

There is this sound I know.  Not soothing like a fountain or calming like Beethoven.  It’s the sound of breaths that won’t come.  Gasping.  It’s what panic would sound like if it rang out. There is a look that goes with it.  Eyes wide and muscles tight.  Desperation personified.  The plea for help in a… Continue reading on croup

Anatomically speaking

I may have a problem. Or maybe not.  It’s tough to say; I’ve never parented a boy before. This morning, I was going through all of the papers my sweet and innocent little six-year-old brought home in his backpack yesterday afternoon.  You can imagine my delight when I saw this. Cute, right?  I love the… Continue reading Anatomically speaking

Team Mom Troubles

Throughout the course of my life, I’ve had many roles: daughter, sister, friend, student, cheerleader, teen mom, wife, special needs mom, plain ‘ol mom, Girl Scout leader, Sunday school teacher.  Now, team mom can be added to the list.  I signed up for the position naively, without having the slightest clue as to the job… Continue reading Team Mom Troubles

brave new prom

Prom. I’d like to point out something with regard to that word.  Namely, the letter count.  It’s a four-letter word, and for good reason.  Oh, sure.  Scoff if you must.  And then we’ll talk after you’ve taken two teenage girls shopping for formal-wear.  It’s no picnic, my friends. Did you go to your prom?  I… Continue reading brave new prom

slug bug

A while ago I mentioned something in passing.  Something that was–something that is–much too big to be glossed over like that. I mentioned that we bought my baby girl a car. For reals. Saying that we bought her the car, though, is only half true.  We’re not talking about a free ride here {pun intended,… Continue reading slug bug

the behavior contract

Quite some time ago I wrote and ran a teen pregnancy series that touched on various aspects on topic, all written from my first-hand experience.  Within the Lives Less Broken post (the second in the series), I mentioned the behavior contract I created when my oldest child was starting high school.  I had a number… Continue reading the behavior contract