Have you discovered Instant Pot cooking yet? Ever since I bought mine I’ve been testing Pinterest recipes and developing my own in an effort to collect a wide variety of healthy meals that can be prepared quickly enough for our fast-paced lifestyle. I’m happy to tell you that the Instant Pot soup recipe I’m about… Continue reading CHICKEN TAMALE SOUP

Bacon & pineapple nachos with bbq “salsa”

I feel like if the FCC knew what I’m about to share, they’d require a public service announcement. Something like: Caution! These nachos may be habit forming. Because, um, they totally are. I made them last weekend as an experiment and — no joke — three bites in Jayce declared that they were, indeed, the {world’s best}… Continue reading Bacon & pineapple nachos with bbq “salsa”


There’s something magical about Crock-Pots, right? You combine a bunch of ingredients and plug it in and voilá, you come home to a ready-to-serve meal that not only has infused your kitchen with the scent of something yummy, but probably tastes pretty darn delicious, too. The only problem I’ve found with Crock-Pot cooking is a… Continue reading CROCK-POT CHICKEN FLORENTINE SOUP