There’s something magical about Crock-Pots, right? You combine a bunch of ingredients and plug it in and voilá, you come home to a ready-to-serve meal that not only has infused your kitchen with the scent of something yummy, but probably tastes pretty darn delicious, too. The only problem I’ve found with Crock-Pot cooking is a… Continue reading CROCK-POT CHICKEN FLORENTINE SOUP

Tacos Our Way

Ours is a household in which Mexican food is served at least once each week.  Usually more.  Among our favorite dishes: enchiladas, burritos, chicken tortilla soup, enchilada casserole, and tacos.  Honestly, in my book, tacos reign supreme. What’s that you say?  Tacos are boring.  ¡NO! Tu es loco en la cabeza. Our tacos are anything… Continue reading Tacos Our Way

Slow cooker refried beans

I recently stopped purchasing canned foods.  And–not to be bossy–but I think you should too.  Why?  Because most canned foods, as well as those packaged in various plastics, show traces of BPA.  What’s BPA, you ask?  It’s a chemical that has been restricted in Canada and some US states because it has been linked to… Continue reading Slow cooker refried beans