What “I’m not your friend; I’m your mom” really means

  I don’t remember if she ever said the actual words to me (though I suspect she did) but I grew up knowing full well that my mom was not my friend. I had friends whose moms were their friends–and I was always jealous. They would share late night talks and gossip and secrets–sometimes from… Continue reading What “I’m not your friend; I’m your mom” really means

Life giving love

I have a sixteen-year-old daughter.  Last night, she was up late stapling definitions and charts and conclusion paragraphs to a tri-fold presentation board.  Science fair.  She does dishes each night, distracted every few minutes by the buzz of the iPhone in her pocket.  She practices driving on Sundays in hopes of passing her license test… Continue reading Life giving love


You don’t have to look much further than the bio in my sidebar to surmise that I’m a fan of MTV’s ‘Teen Mom’, (along with its sequential follow-ups).  I can’t help it; I love watching because I completely relate to the heartache and utter lostness the young stars of the show face in each episode. … Continue reading Catfish

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First fruits

Long before Torri even stepped her freshman foot across the threshold of a high school classroom, I told her how important her GPA would be.  Not only that, but also the extra-curriculars, clubs, organizations and volunteer positions that would fill in the gaps of her scholarship applications.  She listened intently to everything I said, nodding… Continue reading First fruits

On frontal lobes

My life as a mother is somewhat skewed.  Most moms my age are thick in the early years.  They have elementary kids trying out for the school talent show and tweens begging for a first phone. I have one each of those.  But so, too, do I have two teenage girls under this roof.  Nearly… Continue reading On frontal lobes