Golden Road

I always wanted four.  Children, that is.  I specifically remember sitting on the staircase with my best friend taking turns sharing our grand plans.  We–with our eleven-year-old foresight–hashed out the fine details of the houses we’d own and the kids we’d have, right down to the gender order of their births.  We were so sure… Continue reading Golden Road

First fruits

Long before Torri even stepped her freshman foot across the threshold of a high school classroom, I told her how important her GPA would be.  Not only that, but also the extra-curriculars, clubs, organizations and volunteer positions that would fill in the gaps of her scholarship applications.  She listened intently to everything I said, nodding… Continue reading First fruits

Secrets they keep

Cassie coughed a raspy cough in her sleep and I went to check.  She stopped by the time I got there, eyelids fluttering in a peaceful sleep.  Light creeped through the catty-corner door.  I tried to be all sneaky, slipping out of my shoes so that the flip flop wouldn’t give me away as I… Continue reading Secrets they keep

Best and brightest

It’s been a whirlwind couple of weeks around here.  After the graduation festivities we dealt with the pressing need to find a new {to her} car for Torri.  Neither Jeff nor I enjoy car shopping, but we buckled down and got it done.  Torri is now the proud new owner of a Honda Civic hatchback. … Continue reading Best and brightest

In pictures

With graduation comes the task of sifting through old photos, selecting just the right ones to feature in various ceremonies.  It’s daunting, at first, eighteen years of moments big and small.  How to choose?  I haven’t meant to but I’ve gotten lost in them.  She came before cameras were digital and so flimsy envelope after… Continue reading In pictures

Five things you must experience in London

Just over four months from now, Torri and I will be embarking on a mother/daughter trip across the pond in celebration of her high school graduation.  We’re both beside ourselves with excitement; the itinerary for our trip is chock-full of life list must dos.  Given the catalog of Adventures by Disney trips to choose from,… Continue reading Five things you must experience in London