You don’t have to look much further than the bio in my sidebar to surmise that I’m a fan of MTV’s ‘Teen Mom’, (along with its sequential follow-ups).  I can’t help it; I love watching because I completely relate to the heartache and utter lostness the young stars of the show face in each episode.  With that said, I do have to admit that for the most part, my love for that single show doesn’t translate to other shows on the network.  Wait.  Who am I kidding?  All political correctness aside, I downright loathe the sleazy shows they deem worth airtime.  Seriously.  I don’t think many people would use the word ‘tyrant’ to describe me, but I’m all about withholding First Amendment rights to whoever it is that produces the majority of MTV’s, ahem, quality programming.  Movingrightalongthough.

I recently sat down and lost a perfectly good forty minutes of my life watching MTV’s ‘Catfish.’  It wasn’t totally wasted time; I learned a thing or two.  I wrote about it for my other gig this week.  Errands are keeping me busy today, but if you miss me (and care in the least what I learned watching Catfish), feel free to click on through.  Happy weekend!

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  1. I’ve neither seen nor heard of the show, but your three things made me laugh out loud. And I agree that they are probably completely accurate.

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