checklist : 2013 {progress}

At the tippy top of the year I shared my goals for 2013.  Ever since then I’ve been quietly working away, trying to ensure that not a one of them goes undone.  For accountability and general entertainment purposes, I’m posting a status update.

Checklist: 2013

  1. Learn at least a little bit of functional French in preparation for Torri’s mother/daughter graduation trip. I’ve since started an online language course and am making great progress.  I know a ton of words (chien=dog, chaussettes=socks, and savon=soap) but the conversation is slow in coming.  I keep getting it mixed up with Spanish. 
  2. Self-publish one of my books. Need to work on this one.  I haven’t done anything tangible yet.  My manuscript was recently submitted to my Italian publisher.  I plan to use the payment from that to kick the self-publishing into gear.
  3. Take up kettlebell workouts. Check.  My glutes can attest.
  4. Redecorate the family room, formal living room and dining room.  And blog it. Even as I speak there are two brank spankin’ new chairs stacked in my dining room.  Once we return from WDW this project is getting off the ground.
  5. Make more (non-edible) things with my hands. Oops.  I kind of forgot about this one.  Must remedy that.
  6. Eat a s’more made with homemade marshmallows and homemade graham crackers. By next quarter, this one should be completed.
  7. Cook with kale more often. Guess what is on my menu plan for next week?  Butternut squash and kale quesadillas.  That’s progress, right?
  8. Increase IRA contributions by $500 (each). Done.
  9. Read the entire Bible. I started a plan with YouVersion and am working my way through.  I can quite accurately tell you that I am 18% of the way there.
  10. Write to our sponsored children, at least quarterly. This one is on my before vacation must-do list.
  11. Taste a macaron in Paris.  (See #1) June, baby.
  12. Redesign my blog. Done. 
  13. Take an online photography class. I’ve made absolutely zero progress here.
  14. Find a new family photographer (ours is moving). I’ve been looking, but nobody jumps out at me so far.
  15. Perfect a sangria recipe. This one is a summertime thing.
  16. Write birthday letters to my kids. Oops.  One birthday passed without a letter.  Drat!
  17. See long lost friends in person (you know who you are). Hoping for a fall reunion in wine country. 
  18. Rock the t-ball team mom role. Yea baby.  The season just started and so far so good.
  19. Host a summer solstice party. Summertime thing.
  20. Paint my nails a trendy color. Plans for a St. Patty’s Day green/gold look.
  21. Buy fresh flowers from Trader Joe’s once a month. So far so good!
  22. Make artisan bread. MUST. DO.
  23. Try a pair of Toms. I think I may have changed my mind on this one.  Hmmm.
  24. Plan an unexpected date night (or day) activity. He reads my blog.  If I said, it wouldn’t be very surprising, now would it?
  25. Be thankful every single day. Oh, I am.  Really I am.

I also planned to get the family moving together at least once each month.  The weather was anything but cooperative in February.  I suppose we could have had a family Just Dance competition, but that idea just now came to me.  We did, however, round up the troops and take all of ’em out hiking last weekend.  We even made it to the top.


4 Replies to “checklist : 2013 {progress}”

  1. Love your beautiful family. Love that Mowgli went, too. But most of all, I love that Jeff is rocking a Pittsburgh shirt.

  2. Good for you! I need to update my list too….and see if I am making any progress! After this 40 Days of Thanks thing – blogging everyday is hard.

    How do you hike with possible rattlesnakes and other desert creatures lurking?

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