checklist: 2013

mountain-hike1 On the heels of a downright gluttonous holiday season, Jeff, Jayce and I set out for an afternoon hike the other day.  We are blessed to live in a place where hiking trails are abundant.  We settled on a spot and mapped our way there, driving the thirty or so minutes to a National Forest recreation area.  Once we parked, we donned our winter gear (baby, it really is cold outside!) and set off up the trail.  It was a gorgeous day, albeit a tad bit chilly.  Still, the fresh air did our bodies good.

That hike became the inspiration for my mini-mantra for the New Year.  2013 is the year I move more.  Not that I’m exactly stagnant now; I exercise 4-5 days a week as is.  But in 2013 we’ve decided to–at least once each month–get the family moving.  Together.  Hiking or biking or…well, we haven’t quite decided yet.  But move we will.

With that mini-mantra established, I got to thinking about the other goals I have and I made a list.  I’m sharing it here.

Checklist: 2013

  1. Learn at least a little bit of functional French in preparation for Torri’s mother/daughter graduation trip.
  2. Self-publish one of my books.
  3. Take up kettlebell workouts.
  4. Redecorate the family room, formal living room and dining room.  And blog it.
  5. Make more (non-edible) things with my hands.
  6. Eat a s’more made with homemade marshmallows and homemade graham crackers.
  7. Cook with kale more often.
  8. Increase IRA contributions by $500 (each).
  9. Read the entire Bible.
  10. Write to our sponsored children, at least quarterly.
  11. Taste a macaron in Paris.  (See #1)
  12. Redesign my blog.
  13. Take an online photography class.
  14. Find a new family photographer (ours is moving).
  15. Perfect a sangria recipe.
  16. Write birthday letters to my kids.
  17. See long lost friends in person (you know who you are).
  18. Rock the t-ball team mom role.
  19. Host a summer solstice party.
  20. Paint my nails a trendy color.
  21. Buy fresh flowers from Trader Joe’s once a month.
  22. Make artisan bread.
  23. Try a pair of Toms.
  24. Plan an unexpected date night (or day) activity.
  25. Be thankful every single day.

There you have it.  Not exactly resolutions, but more of a checklist for the year.  Do you have one?


  1. i saw a link on self publishing a book and thought of you. i will find it and send it too you. also going to send you something on french:) au revoir mon amie!!

  2. On your last entry, I’ve just started the 1000 gifts book. (Waited till first of the year on purpose). To move toward that same goal.

  3. And I love the picture!
    I keep hoping your list will somehow inspire me, but nothing much yet.

  4. LOVE this.

    I’m reading through the Bible too. I started with the Eat this Book plan on YouVersion.

    Have you tried putting kale in smoothies? We’ve been adding greens to ours. Not bad at all.

    Tell me more about this self-publishing thing.

    1. I don’t make many smoothies during winter months, but when warmer weather rolls around I’ll give that a try. Have you specifically tried it with kale, though? Kale is a bit “stiff” and I’m wondering how that would take in smoothie form…

      1. Tim’s been using spinach mostly, but he is going to attempt kale soon. We have a Vitamix so consistency shouldn’t be a problem. I’ll give you an update after we try it. ;)

  5. Oh, I am hoping to get back into French, too. And we are dreaming of taking the kids to Paris sooner than later, but now we are going to be so much farther away! Ah!


    1. Ooh La La! Paris! It’s on my list of places to see before I die. Have you been there pre-kids or would this be your first trip?

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