Color of a dream

His fingers inch across the space between until they find the small of my back. Like playing keys on a piano he presses and soothes–muscles stiff from sleep. Hazy gray light is heavy in our bedroom, and after nearly two months spent waiting for the window coverings to arrive, we’re thankful for the lingering dark on so lazy a Saturday morning.

It’s the color of a dream in here, he says, in his scratchy, first-morning voice. I scribble it down in my memory because it’s both true and beautiful and I want to put words to it later.

After, there is a three mile morning walk. We stop along the way to wander through the newly-framed house on the corner, agreeing that our floorplan is better. When we come to the fishing lake we spot a bright flash and sure enough, a cardinal hops between the branches in a cluster of tall, breezy trees. We rightly conclude that it’s a good sign–a little piece of home come along with us.

Next come fresh-from-the-oven scones and loose-leaf chai sweetly brewed with coconut milk. Homemade whipped cream dolloped atop. We have a new Such The Spot here, a brick patio nestled in a nook out back. We sit for an hour at least, talking of the things long past and the things to come, allowing for a second the things most recent just to quietly lie. I let my head fall against his shoulder and look out–look up–at the forest that climbs steeply along the mountain foothill behind our place. For just a moment there’s the most beautiful sting and I’m awestruck all over again at the gift of life and love and the moments we’ve been given.


Before they laid the foundations of this house we walked circles on this piece of land, praying bold prayers for our lives to come. The words spilled different from each of our mouths but the themes were the same. We prayed to be rooted and to sprout. We asked to be fruitful. Over and over we sought His presence and will and favor.

Fewer than two days after pulling into town I saw a post on Facebook. The church we’d been streaming since August and were eagerly looking forward to attending in person sought a new team member: communications director. I read the brief description and recognized myself in every word. I was more curious than convinced but it nagged. My mind and my heart replayed the prayers we had prayed long before we got here: root us. Sprout us. Make us fruitful.

Tomorrow I’m going to work. Not from my desk at home but at our new church in our new community. I’m charged with telling the story of our church, yes, but moreover a much grander story.

I’ve heard it said that God works in mysterious ways and I believe it to be true. Sometimes, though, God works in ways that leave little doubt as to where His will falls. And this, I know, is one of those times. If you’re the praying type, I’d love for you to remember me this week as I begin a new chapter with a heart desiring to shine a light for His kingdom, right here on Earth.


  1. Baby, you know I am praying – but in my prayers are words of thanks that He not only has equipped you for this very job, but that He saw it fit that you would share your life with me. I love you forever and ever.

  2. Prayers for you beautiful child of God. You are full of all he I’d and gracious. May this week and every day be better than the last. Great work Darcie. Xoxo such a beautiful gifts you have. Aloha my old friend.

  3. Jeff’s comment was just as good as your post. I’ve been thinking of you today, and I will pray for you also. I’m looking forward to hearing about it!

  4. Love the post and looking forward to hearing how things are going. Remember he doesn’t call the the equipped, he equips the called…and has made you ready. Your next steps have been scheduled before you even knew they were a possibility.
    Hope it’s been a good first week.

  5. Again my heart is bursting with pride for all you have done in your life, I am very proud of you, much love Grams.

  6. For a minute there when I read the part about “the most beautiful sting” I thought maybe it came from the Bee on the pillow laying on your patio glider. Guess not!

  7. Our church is so fortunate that God chose to plant you with us!

    1. I’m super happy for that perspective but I can’t help but see it sort of opposite. I’m grateful for the opportunity to be part of so awesome a church family! Thanks, friend!

  8. God is so cool, isn’t He? I couldn’t agree with you more that there is little doubt that God is in the details on how He has weaved you and your family into this community, into the Cove Church family, and now how He will use your gifts and talents to grow His kingdom. I am so excited that you are part of the Cove staff and that I get the opportunity to grow a new friendship! Welcome to Huntsville my new friend!!!

    1. I’m both humbled by and excited for what God is doing for our family here in Huntsville. Thank you so much for the warm welcome. I really cannot wait to get to know your family better!

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