Confessions of a Reformed Junkie

     I’m sort of a food purist.  I tend to avoid eating things that have been so processed and preserved that it’s tough to recognize from whence they came. 

     My children curse the day Dr. Oz came on Oprah and shared his infinite wisdom of all things nutritionally hollow.  You see, prior to that day I believed that Honey Nut Cheerios were whole grain enough and blueberry bagels were both nutritious and delicious.  Thanks to Dr. Oz though I’ve learned that the words hydrogenated or enriched should not appear within the top five ingredients of any foods in our pantry.  For the health of my family I’m doing my best to comply.  It’s not easy though.  I challenge you to peruse the cereal aisle of your local grocery store and find a cereal that measures up.  We’ve abandoned the traditional aisle in favor of that tiny health food section of the store near the produce.  The cereals there certainly come closer to Dr. Oz’s recommendations but my kids object to nearly all of them.  And not only because they don’t promise a snazzy prize at the bottom of the box either.  Apparently Kashi’s seven whole grains can’t hold a candle next to Cap’n Crunch.

     I haven’t always been this way.  Like I said, Dr. Oz is to blame.  I used to love soda.  And Cinnamon Toast Crunch.  Oh, and the list goes on.  One of my favorite candies as a child were those melt-in-your-mouth circus peanuts.  Back in the day a five minute walk to the drug store and .99 was all it took to score a big ‘ol bag of Brach’s.  I’d hide it in my room within a hardcover book that I cut the pages from leaving only the shell of a book, but a perfect trove for small treasures.

     Bonkers were another of my favorites.  Do you remember those?  They were sort of like Starburst but far superior.  So much softer with fruity outsides and tangy fillings.  Yum-O.  Of course the popularity of the commercials alone should have been enough to persuade Nabisco to produce them forever.  For the life of me I can’t figure out what they were thinking when they put the kibosh on Bonkers. 

     Sno Balls though were probably tops on my list.  Surely you’ve seen these.


     They still make them but somewhere along the line I came to the conclusion that both my waistline and free-flowing arteries took priority over the coconut covered marshmellow goodness that is a Sno Ball.  Just for fun though I picked up a package of these at the store the other day.  I packed them as a special treat after the picnic lunch Jeff, Jayce, and I had after a visit to the zoo on Friday.  I really didn’t know if they would be as tasty to me as they once were.  You know, nostalgia, and all.

     I had to put Dr. Oz’s teachings and any concern for my thighs aside.  And boy, it was tough, but I managed.  My teeth sunk into the hot pink hydrogonated laden marshmellow covering and there was no going back.  Luckily the kids were in school and thankfully weren’t around to bear witness as I devoured that Sno Ball and licked clean every last drop of cream-filling from my fingertips.  Oh the rebellion I would have faced had they been privy to my momentary relapse.  I’d likely have been forced into a shopping trip of wild abondon from my newly adopted Dr. Oz ways.  A Cookie Crisp peace treaty would have ensued.  Pop-Tarts and fruit snacks and doughnuts would have played a part.

     All I can say, my friends, is thank goodness for the school day.  For because of it, peace and nutrition abound. 

3 Replies to “Confessions of a Reformed Junkie”

  1. Hi Darcie!

    Not only do we share a great day in history (our birthdays!), but we also share a love for the marshmallow circus peanut!
    I have to admit, that these days, my palette is a little more refined (or maybe I am just getting old!) and those bites of orangey goodness
    is more sugar than I can handle. But I did pass down the sugar too love to my 10 year old son.

    Thanks for stopping by and saying hello!


  2. A Cookie Crisp peace treaty would have ensued. Pop-Tarts and fruit snacks and doughnuts would have played a part.

    Momma, did you forget the part where Kenny and I read this too?
    You so owe us some Cookie Crisps or Cap’n’Crunch or Poptarts or doughnuts or something. And not the whole wheat types, either. :P

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