I love it when my inbox delivers a cheery little ding to announce the arrival of a thoughtful comment from a friend, or an introduction from a new reader, or an opportunity to partner with fabulous companies.  If you’d like to send any of those things, please direct your correspondence to Darcie {at} suchthespot {dot} {com}.

Mostly, I use this little corner of the internet to connect and communicate with the great wide populous.  Generally speaking, my posts consist of how-to, informative, or inspirational articles that focus on simplifying and enriching family life.  From time to time, I do post genuine reviews of high-quality products, attractions and/or resorts that have been provided to me on a complimentary basis.  If you represent a company or brand and would like to partner with Such The Spot, please contact me to see if our objectives align.   I am open to brand ambassadorships, compensated endorsements, and conference sponsorships.

Thank you for your interest in reaching out to me.  I hope to hear from you soon!