Cruel and Unusual

You might remember the post from back before Christmas in which I told you how Jayce had been “wishing for a dog or a cat every day.”  And how we caved to his heart’s desire and picked out a  little Mowgli of our own to love.

Fast forward eight months.  Mowgli is no longer a distant wish, but a very real, very present part of our family.  One would think our little wisher would frequently be found frolicking in the yard with his dog, throwing sticks and partaking in other boy/dog activities.

Not. So.

My boy?  He has a mean streak, apparently.  Because when I look out into the backyard, this is what I see.

Do you see what I see?  All those doggy toys, precariously placed throughout the yard.  Placed high enough that Mowgli can see them, but can’t…quite…reach.

You can tell that this boy of mine has been tormented by his three older sisters.

Either that or he’s a little serial killer in the making–finding great joy is the anguish of defenseless little creatures.

I’m hoping it’s the former.

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  1. Our kids have been known to hide the toys “in” things. It amazes me that Gretel (our Boston) knows they are in whatever it is they are in and barks at it as if her bark will make the toy magically pop out of the trunk, toy box, drawer, etc! Poor dogs!

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