Disney Adorned For Christmas

If you ever have the chance to visit Walt Disney World during the month of December, you might want to schedule a “down day” during which you simply visit the resorts to check out the holiday decor. We did precisely that on Dec. 17th, and the general consensus was that it was time well spent. There is a lot to see, after all: the giant gingerbread house at the Grand Floridian, the chocolate carousel at the Beach Club, the chocolate gazebo at the Yacht Club (pictured below in that order).  There are fun holiday surprises in store here and there, too.  Like being offered roasted chestnuts (for free!) as we left the Grand Floridian.  How festive is that?!  Other notable sights are the giant trees in the lobbies of both the Wilderness and Animal Kingdom Lodges.

Even the exterior of some of the buildings are adorned with garlands and ribbons and ornaments.  This is a shot of Pioneer Hall, at Fort Wilderness.  Inside is where they perform the Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue.  This dinner show is a longtime family favorite of ours, though this was the first time we’d ever experienced the Christmas twist on the show.  I think I can honestly say that this season, hearing holiday classics sprinkled into the show was what first put me in the Christmas spirit.

The Christmas spirit continued right on when we took a “sleigh” ride through the Fort Wilderness campground after dinner.  Campers at Fort Wilderness are famous for decorating to the hilt for Christmas, and boy did they.  The pictures didn’t turn out that well–what with the moving sleigh and all–but hopefully you’ll get the gist.

By the end of the sleigh ride, Cassidy and Jayce were shouting “Merry Christmas” to each and every person who dared make eye contact with either of them.  It seems they’d gotten into the spirit right on time, seeing as how we were to depart for our merry and magical cruise the very next morning…


  1. I am loving these posts! I feel excited right along with you, as though I am going on this trip! Ok, not quite as excited as I’d be if I were there, but definitely the next best thing. I’m ready to set sail!

  2. That looks just beautiful! We were there in October, and the Fall and Halloween decor was awesome. Next, I think I have to see Christmas!

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